crochet from plastic bags

Yes i crochet from plastic bags! great little car tote i think. Working on a bigger one now from white bags.
  • Irene
    Irene Littleton, CO
    This is great! I love it. Would you send me the instructions? please........
  • Shirley Kalinosky
    Shirley Kalinosky Philipsburg, PA
    That's wonderful that they received their badges. And you should check out my FB page where I post all of my crocheting I have made in the last 4-5 yrs. Hope to see you on the crochet site.
  • Rosetta
    Rosetta Holdenville, OK
    I would love the instruction for this
  • Kippie
    kippie Briceville, TN
  • Carol Stork
    Carol Stork Troy, MO
    This is really cool. I don't know the first thing a bout crochet, but this makes me want to learn. Is this hard for a beginner?
    • Judy
      Judy Syracuse, IN
      Shirley Kalinosky Thanks for the site tip. The Girl Scouts earned their needlework badge. We also taught them to weave place mats out of dish clothes; embroidery and knit.
  • Mabeline
    Mabeline Patterson, CA
    Fellow hometalkers - google "Plarn" which is the term used for plastic yarn. Youtube also has instructional videos for making the plastic yarn. Plarn crochet patterns can also be found on the web.
  • Donna C
    Donna C Marietta, GA
    I just take any regular crochet pattern and just use the plastic instead of yarn.Thank you all I am so glad you liked the "Plastic plastic bag.'
  • Donna C
    Donna C Marietta, GA
    I will try to explain my best.I take bag and fold lengthwise like a fan then cut into about 1/2 inch pieces.Each piece becomes like a loop and I just pull each through each cut piece..Be careful not to pull so tight for it can rip. Then I just make a
  • Tyia Padilla
    Tyia Padilla Porterville, CA
    Donna C , I would love to know what happens to the plastic bags in order to crochet with them. Do you cut the bags in to one long plastic strip and how do you connect the bags together? Love your tote, thanks for sharing it with us.
  • Nancy Ann Zakrewski
    Nancy Ann Zakrewski South Butler, NY
    Yes, Donna C, may we please, please, please have the directions for this plastic tote bag? It would make great Christmas presents for my friends and help recycle the plastic bags!!!
Donna C

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