crochet from plastic bags

Yes i crochet from plastic bags! great little car tote i think. Working on a bigger one now from white bags.
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  • Donna C Marietta, GA
    Susan I would love to make you one if you would like just let me know.The small one I posted looks kind of nice next to sink to put onion peels and that kind of stuff in then all you do is put in sink with a little soap and water rinse and let dry.
  • Becky Blair, NE
    How sweet of you Donna!
  • Heather B Lake Mary, FL
    This is something I would purchase! Love the fact they are plastic bags. Those bags are a huge stresser for me as a wildlife rehabber. I cant even guess how many animals I have had to treat (or worse) because of plastic bags=( Great idea!
  • Donna C Marietta, GA
    Thanks Heather it took about 100 bags to make that little one!However this is not my idea I saw it and said I can make that plus I don't have all those bags sitting in garage any more and is great for environment i think! .I am in process of making a
  • Heather B Lake Mary, FL
    I would love one and of course I would pay! (and send you bags,haha!) Selling them is a great idea! I would love to talk to you more about it offline if possible. We have a non profit called city bats conservancy (our website is a work in progress but
  • Alright, Donna, you inspired us! I hope you don't mind us using your great work as an example in our blog --> http://blog.akatlanta.com/2012/09/upcycling-...
  • Donna C Marietta, GA
    Sure Heather that would be great my email is donnacooney @comcast.net we can talk there or befriend me on face book I am Donna McDonald Cooney there.@ AKComplete sure go ahead and use it makes me very Happy.It is all of you that inspire us!Heather I
  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Donna, I believe you just became an entreprenuer!!! I think the one you posted would also be a pretty cute purse!! Be careful what you offer to do, you could find yourself in the Land of Overwhelm!!
  • Kathie Mauldin Ashford, AL
    Do you have instructions on how to make these? I Love to crochet and I am always looking for new ideas. angelmom1211@yahoo.com
  • Kristin Fellner Lakeland, FL
    I would love the pattern for this. I have tons of plastic bags and that is such a great way to use them. My email is msdragonflyz67@gmail.com if you have a pattern to share.
  • Nancy Ann Zakrewski South Butler, NY
    That is an awesome idea!!! If you do have a pattern, could you email it to me at naz13154@gmail.com? How would it go knitting? I'm a real fan of the garter stitch--love the "nubbies!"
  • Haley Copperas Cove, TX
    This is a wonderful idea! I save the ones I bring home that have rips, etc cuz I want to "re-purpose" them always for some...pillow stuffing, etc. But, this is fabulous! I will give this a try, definitely! Brilliant TY :)
  • DanaCrawford Panama City, FL
    I LOVE THIS!!!!
  • Kristie Tappen, ND
    Please consider posting the directions if u wouldn't mind, this is so neat!
  • Nancy Ann Zakrewski South Butler, NY
    Yes, Donna C, may we please, please, please have the directions for this plastic tote bag? It would make great Christmas presents for my friends and help recycle the plastic bags!!!