Bird feeder deterrent

After so long doing battle with squirrels attacking my bird feeder and trying everything possible, I resorted to doing something less expensive. I simply took packing tape, {sticky side outside} and so far they have not been able to get past it .I have watched it for 2 days and so far the birds are able to eat in peace the squirrels just pick up the seed that falls

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  • Suzette Hagen
    Suzette Hagen Richmond, VA
    I am not a tree expert, but after time... that may hurt the tree! After moisture, and tape residue, who know what may form, and if it's suffocating the tree! It IS a beautiful tree. Google that in, Hope ie works!!!!
  • Cynthia Baldwin
    Cynthia Baldwin Towson, MD
    All of those critters are making me crazy....I can't even talk about it...makes me swear!!!
  • Joanne G
    Joanne G Hamden, CT
    I was thinking about the sticky tape myself because now the big squirrels can't get into our feeder but the teenagers can. What brought it to mind was ants in my hummingbird feeder and using sticky tape was a solution. We used hot pepper but they
  • Goldie C
    Goldie C Burlington, IA
    What about the tree highways . Our squirrels would just jump from tree to tree .
  • Deborah M
    Deborah M Harpswell, ME
    Good luck with that idea, won't work.
  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark Bryans Road, MD
    What a great idea!
  • Rebecca Glenn
    Rebecca Glenn Kansas City, MO
    Linda, I came on here just to post that exact suggestion. Bird's can't smell so hot pepper won't repel them, but it will repel the others.
  • Deborah Reed
    I Consider the squirrel my enemy :) okay not really but I spend more time trying to outwit the critters..I have a Audubon brand bird feeder but chipmunks and squirrels can work it...So I put plastic sheets from an old garbage can..also metal pieces on
  • Eileen Alford
    Eileen Alford Crystal River, FL
  • Pam R
    Pam R Petaluma, CA
    What a sticky situation! (Sorry couldn't resist) But a good idea and it was cheap and easy.
  • Linda Campbell
    Linda Campbell Alpharetta, GA
    Why not just put hot pepper in your seed? The birds can't taste it but the others can
  • Alice G
    Alice G Palm City, FL
    So much for the baffles that I spent so much money on lol this was the price of a roll of packing tape lol
  • Alice G
    Alice G Palm City, FL
    HI Jill I asked the tree gardener that i deal with and he said it shouldn't do anything to it
  • Cindy Spencer
    Cindy Spencer Minden, LA
    What a clever idea!
  • Alice G
    Alice G Palm City, FL
    great idea Anita
Alice G