Bird feeder deterrent

After so long doing battle with squirrels attacking my bird feeder and trying everything possible, I resorted to doing something less expensive. I simply took packing tape, {sticky side outside} and so far they have not been able to get past it .I have watched it for 2 days and so far the birds are able to eat in peace the squirrels just pick up the seed that falls

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  • Nancy T
    Nancy T Edmonds, WA
    thanks, I will try it.
  • Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O Portland, OR
    that is very creative. I was watching animal planet back yard habit and they put a rope between 2 trees and then put pcv pipes over the roap which will move the squirrels try but the keep falling off the pipe then they hang the bird feeder in the middle
  • Bonnie S
    Bonnie S Clarion, PA
    Hooray! Finally a solution to try that I can do myself and doesn't involve nagging hubby.
  • Penny
    Penny Winder, GA
    We bought squirrel proof feeders similar to photos. Worked for awhile. Then we noticed the feeder on the ground so we put ties on it so it would not slip off the hook. Then we found the top off. He must have knocked the top off. So we put a screw in the
  • Rosalie M
    Rosalie M Kingston, PA
    Very clever solution to the squirrel problem. Our squirrels simply would jump from the top of another tree and make their way down. Watch for that. Good luck.
  • Marie Bollenbach Tejchma
    Tried this and didn't work. It just gave my Squirrels more grip to get up the pole... any other suggestions?
  • Vicki Bagley
    Vicki Bagley Pleasant Grove, AL
    sometimes raccoons get into bird feeders, too
  • Shumate mechanical
    shumate mechanical Marietta, GA
    ohhhhh check out daylight robbery on any home improvement or animal show it is hilarious, it shows how long it takes squirrels to figure out their way around a bunch of obstacles!
  • Cindy J
    Cindy J Winter Haven, FL
    i like sqquirrels
  • Alberta W
    Alberta W Warrenton, NC
    Lol that's a good idea...I've got plans for ants & ladybugs who usually visit my home uninvited every March-April..this year it's ON!
  • Sally Chapman
    Sally Chapman Grand Rapids, MI
    We have tried everything, the pcv pipe, greasing the pipe. It might work for awhile then they figure it out squirrel proof feeders don't work either. I have given up. We have some fat squirrels now. Funny thing is we don't see them at anybody else
  • Sharon John
    I have a solid for sure idea that we do for all of our clients. A tube of sheetmetal.. Cut up one side and it gripes to the trunk with no damage to the tree. Nothing gets past it.
  • Kim
    Kim Wake Forest, NC
    My neighbor feeds the squirrels but I never get them in my yard....our cat roams the front yard....our dogs roam the back yard!!!!
  • Susan Toto
    Susan Toto Collegeville, PA
    Good idea!
  • Jo Anne K
    Jo Anne K Winter Garden, FL
  • Candy W
    Alberta WWarrenton, NC don't do anything to discourage lady bugs...they eat the bad pest.
  • Candy W
    Uh what do you do with them jumping from tree to tree and coming down?
  • Joy
    Joy Sarasota, FL
    I tried that with duck tape and it didn't work. Wish it would have.
  • Linda
    Linda Amarillo, TX
    I agree with Kim. As long as we had our dog in the back yard we never had a squirrel problem. Now they eat all the pear as soon as they get about 2" around.
  • Ivylore
    Ivylore Trenton, MI
Alice G