Bird feeder deterrent

After so long doing battle with squirrels attacking my bird feeder and trying everything possible, I resorted to doing something less expensive. I simply took packing tape, {sticky side outside} and so far they have not been able to get past it .I have watched it for 2 days and so far the birds are able to eat in peace the squirrels just pick up the seed that falls
  • Jill B
    Jill B Boyd, TX
    Since the tape covers a good part of the base will it damage the bark of the tree?
  • Alice G
    Alice G Palm City, FL
    The tree that i have the tape on is a single tree, A Royal Poinciana and its in my front yard. I also have a bigger bird feeder in the back yard and I put the tape all the way down to the feeder and they can not go all the way down so the cardinals
  • Anita Davis Givens
    Anita Davis Givens Gloucester, VA
    This should work for the ants that climb up and get in the hummingbird feeders as well!
  • Robert B
    Robert B Newton, NH
    It's gotten so bad here I pretty much gave up on them:(
  • Christine S
    Christine S Jonesboro, GA
    I know, it's annoying to have the squirrels gobble up the bird food I put out, but I figure, the squirrels are hungry too!
  • Sherry Thornburg
    Sherry Thornburg Humble, TX
    that will only work if the squirrels go up the trunks. Mine come in from other trees on a limb to limb highway.
  • Deb B
    Deb B Elsie, NE
    those darn varmints have eaten way more then there share here!
  • Susan H
    Susan H Hammond, IN
    I will definitely try that. Thanks.
  • Angela A
    Angela A Lula, GA
    I've done the Cayenne pepper and my squirrels eat it like its the topping on their ice cream!! lol
  • Pat W
    Pat W Boise, ID
    Message to Joyce P....Birds do have saliva..not as much as you or me but they certainly do so cayenne pepper wouldn't be too kind to them....just sayin...
  • Libby Triplett
    Libby Triplett Kennewick, WA
    It works!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rena D
    Rena D Brooksville, FL
    hmmm, mine do the tree to tree thing too, but i do have one free standing bird feeder, I can't wait to try the tape thing. Thanks for sharing!
  • Deborah Eilert
    Deborah Eilert Derby, KS
    Maybe just branch it hangs from?
  • Joyce P
    Joyce P Myrtle Beach, SC
    Put cayenne pepper in your birdseed the birds dont have saliva so it doesnt bother them, but the squirrels do and after one time they wont try it again
  • Jennifer H
    Jennifer H Tampa, FL
    Great idea..but the tree I've got is probably 3 ft wide
Alice G

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