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After so long doing battle with squirrels attacking my bird feeder and trying everything possible, I resorted to doing something less expensive. I simply took packing tape, {sticky side outside} and so far they have not been able to get past it .I have watched it for 2 days and so far the birds are able to eat in peace the squirrels just pick up the seed that falls
  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    How about using the tape idea on the hanging poles that way the tree won't be damaged from the trapped moisture, the birds still get fed, and the squirrels don't get the bird seed. Have you tried feeding the squirrels corn cobs in a seperate area?
  • Carolyn W
    Carolyn W Waukegan, IL
    You are a BRILLANT woman! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and budget. Putting hot pepper into the the bird seed helped for almost a year, until the suirrels got to lazy to dig up their stash when the snow fell, and developed a taste for spicey.
  • Eco-Strip
    Eco-Strip Reston, VA
    My mom has a funny feeder with a battery-operated perch ring. Birds perch fine to eat. Squirrel weight makes the perch spin and flings the squirrel off. It is a riot to watch. However, one very dedicated and smart squirrel gets all four feet under the
  • Diane
    Diane Chichester, NH
    The best squirrel-proof feeders I ever (finally!!) found are the Squirrel Buster types by Brome. They're not cheap, but they work and should last for many, many years. I even have a few fang holes in one from a bear visit, but I put it back together,
  • Patty
    Patty Bellingham, WA
    hahaha love your story Betty Sue :)
  • Marlene Raitt
    Marlene Raitt Libby, MT
    Poor squirrels.....hahahaha
  • Betty Sue
    Betty Sue Black Mountain, NC
    Alice G., I think I bought one similar, it was advertised as squirrel proof (quite a claim to make!). It's great for little birds. But my dag-gone squirrels figured it out in two days. The decorated screen would slide down and cover the feeding holes,
  • Barbara J
    Barbara J Hot Springs National Park, AR
    You can take a pipe or PVC cut the top out of a 5 gal water bottle and turn upside down on top of pipe. Set your bird feeder on this far enough away from trees so they can't jump to the feeder. They go up the pipe but can't get outside the 5 gal
  • Marlene Raitt
    Marlene Raitt Libby, MT
    I wrapped a tree in light weight tin and wire and it choked it and killed my huge maple...they do have contraptions for feeding that kick out critters...I gave up when the coons and bears tore them down
  • Debra C
    Debra C Conroe, TX
    I don't mind the squirrels so much as the raccoon's are tearing up the feeders and even coming up on my deck and getting my hummingbird feeders. Anybody have an idea how to keep the raccoons away?
  • Sherryle Hinton
    Sherryle Hinton Warrenton, GA
    I hang my birdfeeders on a tall metal hook and grease the pole with crisco and I love to see the squirrels slide down when they try to climb up it!! Try it, it's very funny!!!
  • Patricia
    Patricia Summerfield, FL
    I've had the same bird feeders for years. they hang from an "S" hook from a tree limb. it has to be far enough away from any other tree limb. The best thing is that I purchased a dome to go over the top of my cylinder shaped bird feeders and the
  • Meredith Seidl
    Meredith Seidl Eau Claire, WI
    I don't think it's good to cover that much of the tree bark, it needs to breath. Bark is to a tree what skin is to people.
  • Cher Kalil
    Cher Kalil Worcester, MA
    You are close Suzette Hagen! I'm a landscape designer and I'm sorry to say that tape will not be good for the bark of the tree. Yes, even with the sticky side out. The tape will cause moisture to build under it, as well as trapping rain water. In a
  • Phyllis Dujon
    Phyllis Dujon Newnan, GA
    I bought a feeder from Walmart a few years ago. The birds can sit on the perches and eat ut as soon as squirrels get on it the outside decorations slide down and cover up the holes. They have tried to bend it up but to no avail. This is the dirst time
Alice G

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