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Saved to Idea Box. Organize

DIY Closet Kit for Under $50

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
Sister-in-Law was moving in, and we needed to pack the 10'x10' bedroom with tons of built-in storage! We decided to DIY a custom closet kit from scratch to maximize storage and give her enough space to forgo a dresser! Mission accomplished!

To see more: http://designbuildlove.co/50-handmade-closet-kit-tutorial-day-4-30-days-to-an-organized-home/

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  • Ashley Meyer - Design Build Love
    Ashley Meyer - Design... West Sacramento, CA

    Thank you @Lura Lumsden ! :)

  • Jennifer Le Denney
    Jennifer Le Denney Columbus, GA

    I tried to pull up the page but it won't load :(

  • Donna M

    What are the dimensions of this closet? Just wondering to see if it could work for my 9x9 bedroom!

  • Susan Mccarthy
    Susan Mccarthy Largo, FL

    is it easy to get those baskets down from the top shelf? Looks tight?

  • Eroque022810

    I love it especially getting rid of dressers in bedroom. We bought a house with plenty of space but they installed a wire type of closet system that worked for them but not me. This with more added would be perfect for us. We could get rid of

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