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I painted my awful underlayment to look like hardwood floors! I &lt;3 it!

So I had this crazy white and textured ceramic tile in the foyer and I hated it. Minutes after washing it, it would show dirt and it was so.... well, white. So I chopped up the tile with a hammer and chisel and was left with underlayment. I can't afford hardwood floors but I sure wanted the "look" of them. So I primed it, painted it, and faux woodgrained it. After it dried, I added some gloss and they look pretty amazing. I am thrilled with them for now until I can get the real thing. Here is progress so far...

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  • Britney Bankston Brock

    Okay so this mite be a dumb question but how did you get the lines in the floor to look like actual wood pieces?? We're redoing our mobile home and are wanting to do this!!

  • Tracy W
    Tracy W Orland Park, IL

    Hello! So you take black paint, add some water and then use a $5 wood graining kit and dip it and drag it. Its amazing how it will simulate real wood. Let it dry and then add a clear varnish. Hope this helps!

  • Marion Nesbitt

    I'm with you on white tile. Friend has it in the kitchen - shows even an eyelash. Terrific job.

  • DP
    DP Hollsopple, PA

    the blog link no longer works but that is an awesome job, looks great.

  • Will N Kathy Fowler

    Another way to accomplish this look on concrete is by using a cementitious overlay on correctly prepared concrete. You can tape out planks, and trowel the coating to look like grain, knots, and nail holes. Then you can stain the final product any

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