Covering ceramic tile countertop

I have ceramic tile countertops. I hate them. I am trying to come up with some way to cover them without removing them on the cheap. I was wondering.....is it possible to pour self leveling paint/cement over the tile to 'fill-in' the grount lines and leave a level smooth surface? If not, has anyone ever tried the countertop restoration products over ceramic tile?
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  • Shellie Oroville, CA
    For anyone still looking for a solution like this, we used http://www.encorecountertop.com/ concrete kit. It turned out amazing, no more grout lines!
  • Shellie, I looked at the web site, and the product looks pretty good. However based upon its application which is painting, how does this cover over grout? The product does not appear to be a filler of any kind, only a surface laid material. Or did I
  • Shellie Oroville, CA
    It is actually multiple layers of thin concrete that you trowel on and smooth out. I think by the second 'primer' grit coat the grout had been completely filled in and the surface was level. You would now never know we had grout lines on the flat
  • Thanks!
  • Mary Insana Pittsburgh, PA
    I just painted and stained a small countertop that doesn't get exposed to moisture. It turned out OK.. I wish I would have known about this stuff, but then again, no retailers in PA. I jst re-did a whole wall in my dining room that used to have wall to
  • Maria Basilio Valencia, CA
    Hi Shellie. My husband and I are working on refinishing our kitchen countertop tiles (exactly like yours) using skimstone by The Rudd Company same manufacturer of the encore kit. How was your experience with the bonding primer? We are having a difficult
  • Shellie Oroville, CA
    Don't give up!! The primer is weird. It looks like it is going to ruin it, going on chunky and uneven, but after the next coat or two it evens it all out. We felt the same way!
  • IDA Dallas, TX
    Covered my tile countertop (mexican tile) with a concrete resurfacer. Made to go over existing concrete. The stuff is cheap, used less than one box that cost $8.00. Added concrete dye, $3.00. Stir resurfacer and dry concrete dye together then add
    • Carol Doucette Harrison, ME
      IDA How are your countertops holding up? And where did you buy your supplies so cheaply? Any chance you could post a picture please?
  • IDA Dallas, TX
    Have used the Rustoleum countertop paint in several apartments. Looked great when I finished, but does not hold up to use. Even when I did 3 coats of marine grade polyurethane, and a bonding primer. Not worth the effort. Difficult to repaint. Do not recomend
  • Carol Doucette Harrison, ME
    IDA how is your concrete countertop holding up?
    • Shellie Oroville, CA
      Carol Doucette It's great! We are not gentle on it at all and have had only one issue.
  • Zara1305 Mesa, AZ
    I was thinking about grouting the whole thing to cover the grooves plus tile, then sand to a real fine finish but not sure after that. I also HATE the tile squares especially as a kitchen counter top. I did cover with mosaic tile and it looked real good
  • Shellie Oroville, CA
    @Zara- If you can't tell from the picture, we did cover ceramic tile with the Encore Kit. It worked like a charm, made the end surface completely smooth.
  • I've got a situation. I have a lot of countertop space & not much money. My countertops are 2"x2" tile and are all falling off. I am more than willing along with my husband to put the time & effort into them to save some money. Besides I love
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