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Covering ceramic tile countertop

I have ceramic tile countertops. I hate them. I am trying to come up with some way to cover them without removing them on the cheap. I was wondering.....is it possible to pour self leveling paint/cement over the tile to 'fill-in' the grount lines and leave a level smooth surface? If not, has anyone ever tried the countertop restoration products over ceramic tile?
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  • Shellie
    Shellie Oroville, CA

    @Zara- If you can't tell from the picture, we did cover ceramic tile with the Encore Kit. It worked like a charm, made the end surface completely smooth.

  • Banasconcrete

    I've got a situation. I have a lot of countertop space & not much money. My countertops are 2"x2" tile and are all falling off. I am more than willing along with my husband to put the time & effort into them to save some money. Besides I love

    • Julie Swamp
      Julie Swamp Fort Covington, NY

      Can I just cover this ugly tile with corian or Quartz? Really don't want the demo

  • Stacey Beck
    Stacey Beck Orem, UT

    I like ceramic tile, I just want new ceramic tile that is a little more up to date. Can I just put it over what I have now or do I need to remove that first. I don't do these kind of projects often as you can probably tell.

    • Woodbridge Environmental Tiptophouse.com

      @Stacey Beck You can do this, but its not really suggested. The final product will be only as good as the base its put on. Plus the tile surface is not really ideal for attaching tile to. It simply will not adhere as well as it should. I suggest that

  • Granite Direct
    Granite Direct Spalding, NE

    Yes you can do it yourself, all you need is to take the correct measurements of countertop . We recently replace our old countertop with granite. http://coloradogranite.com

  • Leslie
    Leslie Robinson, IL

    You might look into this....http://www.sarahsbigidea.com/2013/09/faux-crete-counters-from-scratch/ They use ardex feather finish. Here is another link too. http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2013/07/diy-concrete-countertops.html