Simple Organizing: Coffee Creamer Containers

Here's a trick to organizing that's as simple as it gets. Don't throw away those coffee creamer containers! They make GREAT pantry storage containers.
Those awesome Coffee Creamers come in such great reusable containers. Love those great flip-up-ready-to-pour tops!
Empty creamer container...
Easy to cut the label off...
No sticky mess, just cut & peel off. And then wash & thoroughly dry container before filling...
Perfect to store pantry items that can pour out the top easily- nuts, chocolate chips, m&ms, popcorn kernels, sprinkles, flour, sugar.. the list goes on & on. It even keeps the food fresher. Another great idea: Pancake Mix measured & ready to use- just needs to add water, shake & pour.
You can decorate the containers, use them for salad bar, dessert tables, ice cream sundae stations. So many ideas!
It Container

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