Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

christmas 02.04.16
You've seen those light up lawn ornaments at Christmas time....well you can make your own in minutes with just a few materials. These might not be as glamorous as twinkling grazing deer or waving Santa's, but these cute little tree's got a Dr. Suess-ness about them that'll add a touch of whimsy to your out door holiday decor.
Add some balls in contrasting colors
Leave long tails on the wire when you attach your lights to attach your decor mesh
These are going to look great in the yard lit up at night. ***WANT MORE EASY AND FUN CHRISTMAS DECOR IDEAS LIKE THESE? VISIT THE LINK BELOW***

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  • Linnea Krones
    Linnea Krones Houston, TX
    I just saw a post here yesterday on these. Went to Fam$ to get some stuff to try it and they are using the cages for their displays as well. I think it is a great idea!
  • Sow and Dipity
    So easy right? I did some up in another style....I'll post them later this week :)
  • Jennifer newbold
    Jennifer newbold Lees Summit, MO
    Great idea!
Sow and Dipity