Snowy Pine Cones with Epsom Salt

During Thanksgiving vacation the girls and I have been having some crafting fun. My youngest had collected a bunch of pine cones, so thought they would be cute all snowy. I decided to try epsom salt. I've used epsom salt over the years for other Christmas crafts. We brushed the tips of the pine cones with mod podge and then sprinkled epsom salt on top. I love the result. It looks like it's coated with shimmery snow. I gathered three of them and hot glued burlap strips to the bottoms. Then I tried them in a cluster and hung them on our board and batten bathroom. A pretty natural element. #holidaycheer

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  • Very pretty and inexpensive,would be nice with my lavender scented epsom salts.
  • Linda H Washington, IA
    hum, thanks for the idea. I can use epsom salt to decorate my trees for my acorn family... Sweet idea and a lot cheaper than glitter..
    • Jmarie813 Brandon, FL
      Linda H -Acorn family?? I love acorns! Can I see it,please?? my friend brought me a giant acorn from Missouri..wish I had a bag full,but wouldn't deprive the little squirrels.
  • Kim Christos Reynoldsburg, OH
    Have you tried spray adhesive? I have some of that, just wondering if it works as well. Suppose I could try it and see.......
  • Domestically Speaking San Jacinto, CA
    I haven't tried it Kim ~ I say go for it and let us know!
  • Deb1931 Swarthmore, PA
    I used spray adhesive. It works well. Gives a different look--more fully "glittered". I would use the mod podge if you want a natural, snow-tipped look.
  • Sharon Richardson Lakeland, FL
    What a neat idea! You're so smart! Going to do it. Thanks
  • Domestically Speaking San Jacinto, CA
  • Lisa Hanley Kankakee, IL
    What a great idea.
  • Burlap Fabric Chicago, IL
    That came out really well!
  • Sharon Richardson Lakeland, FL
    In November I coated over 100 pine cones I collected for gifts. By December the Epsom Salt had turned powdery & I ended up with a big mess. I tried spraying on acrylic sealer & the powder blew everywhere. I did make a few as gifts but the receivers
  • Jmarie813 Brandon, FL
    ..maybe just some glitter-snow then.