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Old Magazines turned into Christmas Trees using simple Origami

Don't know what to do with your old magazines? This is a simple, quick project (about an hour total), to turn a magazine into a Christmas Tree. See photos for the tutorial. This would be a great project for the kids because it's so easy!

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  • Brenda Wahlig
    Brenda Wahlig Jonesboro, GA

    Old telephone directories work, too!

  • Leah Johnson
    Leah Johnson Hastings, NE

    good way to occupy those hands when you are watching that movie on TV.. and also keep the children occupied while the weather is bad outside. take away the cell phone games etc and put them to work on a magazine.. they can be constructive and not

  • Noor UL Ain Fatima

    wow great idea

  • Susan
    Susan Kansas City, MO

    We used to do the same in Brownie Scouts back in the early 70's with the Reader's Digest.....everything comes back around eventually.

  • KathyJb
    KathyJb Port Lavaca, TX

    Learned to do this in Girl Scouts. Thanks for the reminder of a good memory