Old Magazines turned into Christmas Trees using simple Origami

Crafts 05.30.15
Don't know what to do with your old magazines? This is a simple, quick project (about an hour total), to turn a magazine into a Christmas Tree. See photos for the tutorial. This would be a great project for the kids because it's so easy!
  • Start with an old magazine. Use one that has good, thick sheets, not the really thin page ones. Choose different sizes. Wine Spectator is good for a big tree, or cut down if you need a smaller size. 200 pgs seems to be a good size.
  • This is what you will end up with, with your own spin of colors, decoration, etc, or just leave plain.
  • To start, tear off the cover, and discard, unless it's the same paper weight as the pages. Start with the 1st page, and fold down the upper corner into a triangle.
  • Fold the triangle you made with the first fold again. Fold against the binding as tightly as possible to assure a uniform look with all pages.
  • Take the "tail" that is hanging longer than the magazine, and fold it under, tucking it in between the folds you have made.
  • Do this for about 30-45 minutes, and you end up with a magazine tree.
  • Spray paint to the color desired. I use a silver chrome spray on mine.
  • I wanted some teal to go in my living room, so I used a cake decorating stencil and stenciled on some stars, using acrylic paint. You can decorate any way you see fit, hot gluing ornaments, garland, etc., or just leave plain!
  • Annette Choate
    Whats old is new idea again. Good memories
  • Elaine Simmons
    Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    I had forgotten all about these but sure brings back memories! I used the Readers Digest too!
  • Debbie Maner
    Debbie Maner Villa Rica, GA
    Old TV Guides would be a good choice. Then you could donate those old magazines to nursing home, hospitals or libraries.
  • Grandy
    Grandy Indianapolis, IN
    50 years ago I used Readers Digest for this
  • Donna
    Donna Redding, CA
    we used to do this with the old reader's digest in the 60's

    Love how crafts recycle!!

    • Yvette Gerace
      Yvette Gerace Warren, MI
      Donna I'm 53 but we had a babysitter that was an artist in the late 60's too that would keep us 5 kids occupied with Readers Digest and made Christmas trees. It worked! She also
  • Susan Boyd
    Susan Boyd Northfield, VT
    I did several of these last year. Except that I used old paperbacks. Took the longest to fold all those pages. Then I spray painted with silver and decorated with rick rack and beads. Beautiful and I can't wait until I get it out after Thanksgiving Holidays.
  • Nancy S
    Nancy S Lagrange, GA
    We get a smaller yellow page phone book.. and it would be so cute like this. No harm done.. can always open it up I guess. Bringing back memories. I remember my sister and I sitting in church, doing the hymnal this way.. got a licking for it too.. blast
  • Jeanette freeze
    Jeanette freeze Purdy, MO
    we all ways did the reader digest magazine sometimes ended up with mr santa mrs,santa
    • Paula W
      Paula W Colleyville, TX
      Jeanette freeze I think I might still have the Santa and Mrs. Claus I made in the 60s. I have had to re-glue their heads on a time or two though. Never thought about using larger magazines. Love the idea someone posted about using phone books.
  • Jennifer H
    Jennifer H Fallbrook, CA
    Readers Digest trees were huge in the 60s!
  • Judy Harbin
    Judy Harbin Virginia Beach, VA
    This brought back memories, I do this every yr and put them throughout my house. save my magazines all yr and start about October getting them ready have even added lights (battery operated) to a few of them after painting them. I then glue felt
  • Leissa Wages
    Leissa Wages Missoula, MT
    This is so clever. I'm impressed.
  • Carolyn (Gail)
    Carolyn (Gail) Dothan, AL
    If you have lots of old (or new) magazines, please consider donating extras to a nursing home, facilitated living home, hospital, doctor's office or - in my case, your local library - if they have a book/magazine sale. Friends of the Library hosts sales,
    • Esther McRae
      Esther McRae Seattle, WA
      I take ours to the local library. They sell them for a dime apiece.
  • Cindy Morris Mackey
    This brought back childhood memories for me. We used to used the old Orlando phone book and make our paper trees. Seemed to take forever at the time but was so cool when it was finished.
  • Mary Kuhn
    Mary Kuhn Lambertville, MI
    Used old sears catalogs.
  • Kris Lee
    Kris Lee Jackson, WY
    My gramma made these, double layer trees too. Snowman, and other things. Wow, blast from the past. Love them.
Leslie D