• Donna
    Donna Redding, CA
    we used to do this with the old reader's digest in the 60's

    Love how crafts recycle!!

    • Annette Choate
      Donna We always used readers digest for Christmas tree projects in Campfire girls too. Great memories!
    • Yvette Gerace
      Yvette Gerace Warren, MI
      Donna I'm 53 but we had a babysitter that was an artist in the late 60's too that would keep us 5 kids occupied with Readers Digest and made Christmas trees. It worked! She also
  • Grandy
    Grandy Indianapolis, IN
    50 years ago I used Readers Digest for this
  • Debbie Maner
    Debbie Maner Villa Rica, GA
    Old TV Guides would be a good choice. Then you could donate those old magazines to nursing home, hospitals or libraries.
  • Elaine Simmons
    Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    I had forgotten all about these but sure brings back memories! I used the Readers Digest too!
  • Annette Choate
    Whats old is new idea again. Good memories
  • Jan C
    Jan C Duluth, GA
    I agree with most, such good memories!!! We always used the Reader's Digest, then painted it green and then cut out decorations with constructions paper and glued on them! Such fond memories.
  • Gizelle Cooper
    Gizelle Cooper Richmond, TX
    I remember making this when i was a little girl.
  • Laura Sedlmayr
    Laura Sedlmayr Tampa, FL
    Yes, yes really did bring back some memories from when I was little...gonna have to revive this idea with the grandson!
  • Suzanne Giaimo
    Yup! Readers' Digests worked amazingly well. The shortness and thickness were just right!
  • Netta Russell
    Netta Russell Weaverville, NC
    The newer Readers Digests are so much thinner, i'm not sure it will work as well...but looking forward to trying some of these with the grandchildren!
  • Ruth H
    Ruth H Vicksburg, MI
    I used to make caroler "dolls" using a similar method of folding magazines, spray painting them, and placing a dowel rod in the center to hold the head on. I think the idea came from an issue of Better Homes & Gardens many years ago.
  • Pam Hearold
    Pam Hearold West Monroe, LA
    I remember making choir boys in grade school , and once as an adult & have always want- ed to every year .I remember still cutting yellow yarn for the hair ,Pretty simple & cheap too. only difference is folding each page 2 times ,4" s. foam ball on a
  • Ginger viggiano
    Ginger viggiano Jacksonville, FL
  • Brenda Wahlig
    Old telephone directories work, too!
  • Leah Johnson
    Leah Johnson Hastings, NE
    good way to occupy those hands when you are watching that movie on TV.. and also keep the children occupied while the weather is bad outside. take away the cell phone games etc and put them to work on a magazine.. they can be constructive and not
Leslie D