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  • Christina @ Christina's Adventures

    sounds great @Elaine C !! I love that simmer potpourri can be so flexible - you can add so many different ingredients!

  • Ivylore
    Ivylore Trenton, MI

    Love to do this! I also add rosemary and basil to the cinnamon sticks- I'll have to try the herbal tea bags and the apple juice--- should be great!

  • Christina @ Christina's Adventures

    ooooh @Irma the rosemary & basil sound like great additions too! :)

  • Bonnie Lewenza

    I am so going to do this. Thanks for the idea

  • Lulu
    Lulu Alpine, CA

    Are you sitting the mason jars right on the stove burner or do you have an electric simmer plate like those used for candles?