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  • Bethany P Saint Petersburg, FL
    Love!!! So glammy!!!
  • Maureen Clearwater, FL
    Love it.
  • Janis Lauer Newark, DE
    Wow!!! The mirrors really illuminate the room.
  • Sandy Eck Woodville, OH
    Pretty, at least your bed isnt right under them in case they fall
  • Annieoch Kansas City, MO
    Awesome chandelier light where is it from?
  • Jessica C Mc Farland, WI
    Just beautiful!
  • Elegant!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Barbara W Royal Oak, MI
    Absolutely beautiful and elegant, I bought a bunch of those at a garage sale last year for $.50 each. Hmmmmmm, what will I do with those... :)
  • Judy Staunton, VA
    Is he going to clean them when they get dusty, lololol Love it
  • Lovely! But you cannot make me believe that they got 18 of these mirrors for $30.
  • Sindy Todd Palm Harbor, FL
    @1 result is available, use up and down arrow keys to navigate.Marilyn Lamarsure they could, that is approx. 1.66 each and at Hobby Lobby. I believe it. It is beautifully done :)
  • Linda G Astoria, OR
    Not a fan.