Cleaning It Up 04.12.14

Keep a Toilet Clean (much longer)

Have a toilet that seems to get dirty very fast despite thorough cleaning? Try cleaning the siphon jets.

1.) Clean the underside of the rim with a nylon brush and homemade cleaning solution of vinegar, baking soda, and water.

2.) Shut off the water supply and flush the toilet to empty the tank.

3.) Block off the siphon jets with duct tape.

4.) Pour 1 gallon of vinegar in the tank and flush the toilet. Let it sit over night.

5.) In the morning remove the tape and open the water supply. Flush water through once to clear out any remaining vinegar.


To see more: http://blog.homespothq.com/2012/11/toilet-maintenance-and-inspection/

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  • Florence Shelby, OH
    The works is the product that I use because we have well water we have these problems and the works takes care of it all
  • K. C Alpharetta, GA
    The guy doing the tip on slow leaks--- is very cute, but his wife may thank him NOT to put the brush he cleans the potty with, onto the sink. Maybe onto a small pile of toilet paper or bristle-down, into a paper cup?! :) I LOVE how efficiently he gets
    • Tyler Golberg Alexandria, MN
      K. C it's funny you mention this because I didn't actually scrub the toilet with the brush. It does look it but there's an air gap if you look closely.
  • K. C Alpharetta, GA
    Sorry for the typos. Stiff neck and little iPad are a lethal combo for typing! Thanks for the helpful cleaning tip.

    A pal told me the reason sailors call the bathroom "the head" is because in a submarine, it. Is so important to keep those

  • I turned the water off put on some rubber gloves and used a pumice stone. It worked awesome!
  • Carol Dingwell Spokane, WA
    Add to this post...They make a pumice stone for removing hard water mineral stains. $4 at Safeway.
  • KrysFL Lakeland, FL
    Just a FYI... leaving cleaner in the toilet actually eats away at the clear coat on the porcelain which, you guessed it, causes it to show stains even faster!! NEVER leave cleaners in your toilet over night. If your clear coat has already been 'eaten'
  • Family Dollar has toilet bowl cleaner that takes anything out;;;rust etc & it is in- expensive, we also have very hard water & it cleans that up also (it is the family dollar brand & it only a buck/buck and a half)
  • Matthew Gingerella Riverside, CA
    Thank you PatriciaGreenawalt - that is terrific to know; rust stains are some of the toughest - I think!


  • Use CRL (Calcium Rust Lime) Patricia. It can be found at Walmart or Home Depot.
  • Carol David Sterling, MI
    To remove rust stains, I use The Works toilet cleaner every time. It comes in regular and thick, and I prefer the thick. It seems to stay on the sides better. You can see the rust disappear in the time it takes to squirt it on. I let it sit just a