Keep a Toilet Clean (much longer)

Cleaning 5 days ago
Have a toilet that seems to get dirty very fast despite thorough cleaning? Try cleaning the siphon jets.

1.) Clean the underside of the rim with a nylon brush and homemade cleaning solution of vinegar, baking soda, and water.

2.) Shut off the water supply and flush the toilet to empty the tank.

3.) Block off the siphon jets with duct tape.

4.) Pour 1 gallon of vinegar in the tank and flush the toilet. Let it sit over night.

5.) In the morning remove the tape and open the water supply. Flush water through once to clear out any remaining vinegar.


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  • Deb Priehs-Van Coillie
    Family Dollar has toilet bowl cleaner that takes anything out;;;rust etc & it is in- expensive, we also have very hard water & it cleans that up also (it is the family dollar brand & it only a buck/buck and a half)
  • Matthew Gingerella
    Matthew Gingerella Riverside, CA
    Thank you PatriciaGreenawalt - that is terrific to know; rust stains are some of the toughest - I think!


  • Wyvern_wivern
    Use CRL (Calcium Rust Lime) Patricia. It can be found at Walmart or Home Depot.
    • Penny
      Penny Sherwood, OH
      Wyve that CRL works miracles on kitty litter boxes too
  • Carol David
    Carol David Sterling, MI
    To remove rust stains, I use The Works toilet cleaner every time. It comes in regular and thick, and I prefer the thick. It seems to stay on the sides better. You can see the rust disappear in the time it takes to squirt it on. I let it sit just a
  • Bwarner50
    Bwarner50 Strasburg, VA
    I add a half gallon of straight white vinegar to my tank once a month and leave it overnight. My tank is nearly spotless! Vinegar is a cheap, safe cleaning solution.
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