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Cherry Blossom Foam Flowers - DIY

It's blossom time and the trees are bursting out all over! They are so pretty - especially this year since old man winter roared and hung around way too long.
Since these beautiful blossoms won't last long, preserve those wonderful spring memories by re-creating gorgeous blossoms that will last forever!
Cost: $3.00 Difficulty: Easy
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It's so easy using foam sheets, eye shadow, scissors, faux stamen, a hot plate or iron and hot glue.
Here's how:
1. Draw a small and medium size petal template on cardstock or cardboard and use that to cut out petals from white foam sheets. For a single flower, you need 5 petals per flower.
2. Use pink eye shadow (dollar store) to shade the foam pink - on both sides.
3. Place petals on a med temp hot plate or iron. Petal will curl when ready. Use a skewer or tweezers to remove from heat.
4. Gently shape petals by twisting and squeezing edges and lightly pulling foam into desired shapes, working quickly before the petals cool off.
5. Glue stamen in center of one petal.
6. Glue another petal to edge of first petal, overlapping a bit.
7. Continue adding additional petals, up to five, one at a time around stamen.
8. Apply additional glue to edges to "cup" the flower.
Collect branches from nearby woods and hot glue the blossoms on.
These blossoms will surely last forever and add a splash of elegance and charm to any decor.

To see more: http://plumperfectandme.blogspot.com/2015/04/cherry-blossom-foam-flowers-diy.html

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