Awesome Remodels 02.07.14

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

I love a sparkling clean bathroom, don't you? My bathroom mirrors are finally streak free. And there's not a puddle in the toilet brush holder. Today, I'm sharing a few tips for cleaning the bathroom more efficiently. #SpringCleaning #CleaningTricks
Time: 15 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

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  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    I like the drip-dry idea.

    Also, the Fish spray looks similar to some glass spray I got for free a while back from Safelite Auto Glass. I think they

  • That drip dry tip is my favorite. That one little trick saves me so much time cleaning the bathroom. Before, I would always put off cleaning the sink until after the brush had drained ( I drained the brush in the sink...gross!) Now I can clean the sinks
  • Becky Blair, NE
    I love the drip drying the brush tip too. Even though I have the holders that allow the brush to hang and dry you still have to clean them too.
  • HomeSpot HQ Durham, NC
    Very clever idea with the brush.
  • Jennifer New Castle, IN
    So now I must clean my bathroom. Thanks
  • Amy Rohde Port Deposit, MD
    What mirror cleaner are you using?
  • Sandi hamilton Cornell, IL
    I do that also with my toilet brush, but I'm curious about the mirror cleaner and where u can find it. I hate streaked mirrors and windows.
  • Sandi hamilton, the mirror cleaner is called Fish Foam and it can be ordered online at fishfoam.com