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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

I love a sparkling clean bathroom, don't you? My bathroom mirrors are finally streak free. And there's not a puddle in the toilet brush holder. Today, I'm sharing a few tips for cleaning the bathroom more efficiently.
Time: 15 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • bathroom cleaning tips, cleaning tips, finally a cleaner that doesn t leave streaks
Clean top to bottom. Also, use a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe mirrors for a streak free shine.
  • bathroom cleaning tips, cleaning tips, no more puddles in the brush holder
No more puddles in the brush holder. Just rest the brush under the seat to let it drip dry.
  • bathroom cleaning tips, cleaning tips, sparkling clean
Sparkling clean! Get in the habit of wiping your faucets after each use to cut down on water stains.

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  • Paticia G
    Paticia G Clermont, FL

    I thought I would try this- Fishfoam costs 4.95 but shipping is 5.00 so I wont buy it

    • Meem Kaplan
      Meem Kaplan Bay Center, WA

      @Paticia G Try Spray Way window cleaner that I find at any Ace Hardware. Works great.

  • Jan B.
    Jan B. Crossville, TN

    I only use the cloths I sell $1.50
    .No streaks, no sprays, no lint..just water!

  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO

    If use use a window squeegee and a glass cloth it won't leave streaks. I use Walmart's foam cleaner ammonia free cleaner I spray it squeegee it and throw it on the counters and I use a glass cloth to shine it. The ammonia free clean won't damage

  • Linda K
    Linda K Oklahoma City, OK

    I use a 50/50 mix of rubbing alcohol and vinegar to clean glass and it works well.

  • Doreen
    Doreen Narrowsburg, NY

    Dryer sheets or newspaper cleans glass and mirrors with no streaks

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