I painted my refrigerator... with chalkboard paint.

This was actually a really, really easy project. I was anticipating it to be really time consuming, and also to be disappointed with the results. I have to say that it really only took half a day from start to finish and I'm totally in love with it. I think the finish looks great. My blog post covers all materials you'll need, how to get the surface ready, applying primer, painting the fridge, grille, and also the ice maker component.
Time: 1 Day Cost: $50 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.prettypurpledoor.com/projects/chalkboard-refrigerator/

  • Melody M
    Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    wow thats quite cool.. love that ideal that you can make your grocery list right on the doors of the fridge..
  • Bill G
    If it weren't so heavy, you could take it with you shopping and the cold stuff would already be in the fridge... lol
  • Lamia Belabbas
    bonne idée..
  • Jamie Barrington Thomas
    I love this! What a cool idea! I think I know what my next project will be now. :-) Thank you for sharing!
  • Sondra A
    Sondra A Janesville, WI
    Very interesting. My refrigerator has such a bumpy finish I cannot imagine being able to paint it with chalkboard paint and then being able to write on it. lol. Good idea, looks great.
  • Leo
    Leo Ontario, CA
    Dear Sondra A..If your refrigerator is bumpy you can still do this. I took a small square piece of thin sheet metal (It was actually the front face off and old dishwasher) and gave it a couple of coats of primer before applying 3 or 4 coats of the
  • Amy
    Amy Old Forge, PA
    My fridge was pretty bumpy, too. The magnetic primer is really thick and filled in a lot of the bumps. It's still not perfectly smooth but it definitely works!
  • Sondra A
    Sondra A Janesville, WI
    Is the magnetic primer located in the paint department also? I've never heard of it before.
  • Amy
    Amy Old Forge, PA
    Yep! It's right on the shelf -- no need to get it mixed at the counter. It comes in a quart size and it's by Rustoleum. Usually they are in a little cardboard box. At the HD I went to it was right near the chalkboard paint :)
  • Beverly Curd
    Beverly Curd Louisville, KY
    The door on my refrigerator is vinyl. Do you think this will work? I really need to do something and this sounds like a great idea!
  • Amy
    Amy Old Forge, PA
    Hi Beverly, I think that as long as you prime the refrigerator with something appropriate for vinyl it will work fine. Just make sure that you ask when you buy the magnetic primer (or any primer) if it will adhere to vinyl. Then, the chalkboard paint
  • Jessica Mulinix
    Jessica Mulinix Boise, ID
    I think this may very well be next week's project for Monday! It'll help distract our 4 year old from the vet appt that her puppy has to go in and get spayed. She is always asking to use her chalk, and the cheap boards that we have bought her just aren't
  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    That looks really great and I'm surprised it turned out so well. It wouldn't work for me because I'd never let anyone touch it, being a bit on the OCD side, but that's my problem. Good for you. :)
    • Amy
      Amy Old Forge, PA
      Lori certainly not for everyone -- haha. The messages that appear on that fridge crack me up. I should take photos and make a flip book.
  • Judy Parkey
    Judy Parkey Madill, OK
    The idea in the thehandmadehome.net will work for me - chalkboard paint but not in black! I currently have black kitchen cabinets and trim and want to paint over it. I sure don't want a black fridg. I can make a chalkboard paint with a color coordinated
  • Melinda Lockwood
    Melinda Lockwood Columbia, MO
    Think this is great if you have little ones at home!