Removing Microwave Stains

Craft/DIY 07.21.15
I've been slowing making my way through the kitchen and yesterday I cleaned the microwave. The burned-on stains are the tough to remove but with a trick up my sleeve the task was much easier. Fill a bowl with 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of water. Bring the mixture to a boil for about 30 seconds in the microwave and then stop the heating mode. Let it stand for several minutes. The vapor will help loosen up the stains and make them much easier to remove. #CleaningTricks

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  • Andrea
    Andrea Flowery Branch, GA
    I like the way vinegar deoderizes
  • Margaret
    Margaret Blackfoot, ID
    Wanda, do you put any water with the dawn, vinegar mixture? and what proportions do you use? Thanks!
    • Mtn girl
      Mtn girl Loganton, PA
      I use equal parts vinegar & blue dawn. Put into a scrub wand and quickly scrub my shower while taking one. HTH
  • Wanda Forrest
    Wanda Forrest Huntington, TX
    I have saved quite a bit of money by using a mixture of original blue Dawn & vinegar for most cleaning in my house. For tubs, I spray this mixture all over the tub and then sprinkle baking soda over that, let it sit 5 min. and then just wipe stains and
  • Dusti B
    Dusti B Carmichael, CA
    I am pretty OCD about my kitchen being clean/sanitary etc. I know almost immediately if somebody splatters the microwave or cooks greasy stuff on the stove. Black glass top gas stove is wonderful for cooking...shows dirt/oil so I clean it a lot. Just
  • Dusti B
    Dusti B Carmichael, CA
    It's lighter but still permanently stained. It's really clean/sanitary!
  • Diana Dray
    Diana Dray Harrod, OH
    I mix some pinesol or mr. clean with water in a spray bottle. Spray the inside of your microwave. Let sit for a few minutes and wipe clean. I also do this for the top of my stove.
  • Dusti B
    Dusti B Carmichael, CA
    Thanks. Already used commercial (gag/hack/cough) cleaners to no avail. Sigh. Daughter's friend is not allowed to cook/nuke at my house any more. :)
  • HomeSpot HQ
    HomeSpot HQ Durham, NC
    Dusti B, trying multiple applications is a good idea. You may have to resort to a commercial cleaner. I suppose it is also possible the stain was so bad that it resulted in discoloration on the surface? At any rate, I feel your pain.
  • Dusti B
    Dusti B Carmichael, CA
    What about the yellow staining from burned microwave popcorn? I have both vinegar and lemon and will go try it AGAIN. (Kid's friend burned popcorn AARRGGH a few weeks ago. I have scrubbed and scrubbed but the stain is still there...)
    • Nancy Hatcher
      Nancy Hatcher Republic, MO
      Dusti B My biggest kid - my husband - did the same thing! It's the smell that I can't get out but I'm going to try this and see (or rather smell) & hope.
  • Helen M
    Helen M Indianapolis, IN
    boiling plain water works just fine, but if you want it to have a clean smell, add some baking soda to the water.
  • Sherry Fisher
    Sherry Fisher Grove City, OH
    I nuke my dishrags for about 30 seconds and wipe the mike down too ;)
  • HomeSpot HQ
    HomeSpot HQ Durham, NC
    M Gail Greene, vinegar is an amazing chemical that works well in many situations.
  • Bwlservs
    Bwlservs Canada
    This works wonderful with 2 tbls of lemon juice in the bowl also helps to smell nice
  • Lynn Lawson
    Lynn Lawson Calhoun, GA
    I do what Mary Hare does. Boil a cup of water in it, let sit for 5 minutes and then wipe down. It works perfectly and at no cost for vinegar or lemons - no after smell either.
  • Mary Hare
    Mary Hare Jamesville, NY
    I just boil water in it, let is sit for 5 min and wipe down with paper towel.. works every time.
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