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Greenhouse/Potting shed

Our project is almost complete. 95% reused materials, 61-windows. There will be a courtyard in the 'L'. The potting shed is to the left, with wall/old wooden door in between.

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  • Barb Rosen
    Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE
    on Jan 27, 2013

    How perfectly wonderful! The greenhouse and garden shed look great, Deb !

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Jan 27, 2013

    That is really impressive!

  • Sam Bo
    Sam Bo Satellite Beach, FL
    on Jan 27, 2013

    Really creative! I wish I had room to do this...keep posting:)

  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    on Jan 28, 2013

    How very resourceful, Deb. With all those windows, you should really be able to customize the temperature in your greenhouse.

  • Nancy T
    Nancy T Edmonds, WA
    on Jan 28, 2013

    Oh, I love your potting shed. So rustic & charming.

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