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Tile over tile in a shower ??

I met a General Contractor at one of my clients home today and he said they often do not tear up the tile in the master shower when there is a mud pan below. They will put levers over and tile over it all. SERIOUSLY? Anyone do this with luck?
Sounds wickedly risky in my book!
  • Penn Contractors Inc.

    not to beat a dead horse or worn out shower; however, this is a crazy idea and will lead to nothing but ill will and a leaky shower.

  • Designs by BSB
    Designs by BSB Lawrenceville, GA

    Here is his reply after I noted my grave concerns..
    "Ok I admit it was probably a bad suggestion in this case, and I didn't mean to imply we would do it that way. Only that it might be a possible way to save some work if the right conditions

  • CapStone Home Renovations
    CapStone Home... Englewood, CO

    Besides, who knows how the pan is built, if it was done right, or if it's already damaged.

  • World Contracting LLC

    there are always corners that can be cut at a considerable risk. Some people NEED a new shower but cant afford it etc etc....
    That is not my type of client and not the work we offer. If we touch your job, Everything is going to be new and warranty'd

  • Dcz665
    Dcz665 Highland Park, IL

    In the midst of a bathroom renovation at our church the member overseeing the project (a construction o. supervisor) urged us to just level and then tile over the old 1960 tile job. To save money we agreed but the subcontractor HE contracted wouldn't