• TJ
    TJ Andover, MN
    We have a private well and live where the water has a lot of iron in it. So I deal with rust color on some of the lighter colored garden junk art -- mostly I repaint or just leave it. A bigger problem is in a very dry year when we have to water gardens
  • Rita and Cane
    Rita and Cane Gresham, OR
    These are awesome! These lights are starting to sell for higher prices in the vintage shops in our area--never thought of hanging them outside. Now I have a reason to buy some! :-)
  • Kate F
    Kate F New Britain, CT
    if there's a way to secure them, the battery operated tealights would give them a cool glow for an evening affair.
  • Luci Blake
    Luci Blake Sandyville, WV
    OR a small strand of string lights (various colors) stuffed inside and linked together may work too.

    I had two of these hanging in my tree in Fl and had them hooked up with outdoor lights (it was an easy fix) and had them on

  • Marilyn M
    Marilyn M Roseburg, OR
    Make solar lights out of them by just putting the solar part inside of the globe.
  • Linda Kosakowski
    Linda Kosakowski Brant Lake, NY
    I'll be looking in thrift store and garage sales for some of these...absolutely love them! :)
  • Marie E
    Marie E Bloomingdale, MI
    solar lights the small ones pull them off their stake and put inside :)
  • Leah Johnson
    fantastic idea and great way to use something still in good shape but not used for the original purpose...I honestly dont think that having them light up would be neccessary either... if you are in the city the street lights etc are enough....
  • Mary Patterson
    Mary Patterson Roanoke, VA
    So beautiful :-)
  • Ann Brownlee
    Ann Brownlee Fayetteville, GA
    I love this idea, a good use of something old!
  • Diana Schleicher
    Diana Schleicher Prineville, OR
    WD40 is usually found in the lubricant isle of Walmart, or other places that have car parts/supplies. It's a water displacement product, and it takes care of hard water spots. I use it everywhere in my house; shower, kitchen sing, stainless steel
  • Reposhture Studio - Kim
    Reposhture Studio - Kim Pittsburgh, PA
    love this idea!
  • Anna Ibarra
    Anna Ibarra San Antonio, TX
    Oh these are so beautiful, Even in that cold of winter, do they make your garden just sparkle. I love it.
  • AJ Ogden
    AJ Ogden Floral Park, NY
    Love them!!
  • Deezie
    deezie Stratford, CT
    I love this!!! I never thought of hanging these from the trees,I have a bunch but have only used them on the ground in the garden. I will be hanging some up this summer. Great idea
Linda R