11 Low-Cost Ways to Replace (or Redo) a Hideous Bathroom Vanity

You might want to change your vanity when you see how shiny and new it makes these bathroom look!

By Hometalk Highlights

Add new hardware & feet to your old vanity

Small touches like new hardware & feet can make your boring vanity look fresh and polished.

Switch it out with a repurposed wall cabinet

Turn an old cabinet into a stylish tight-space vanity for almost nothing.

Cover the ugly top in tiled mosaic

Making your own mosaic tile top doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can have a huge impact.

Drag the ugly one out and build this for $100

Trash your tired, clunky vanity and build this brand new spacious model on the cheap.

Give the top a patchy concrete look

Dress up a standard bathroom vanity by giving the top some texture with concrete.

Flip a thrift store dresser into a new vanity

Next time you spot a pretty dresser at the thrift store, transform it into your dream vanity.

Give the vanity a paint & countertop makeover

Instead of replacing a hated vanity, make it new with a top to bottom redo.

Add a sink to an old favorite piece

Outfit a favorite piece so that it’s bathroom vanity-ready, by adding a sink & pipes.

Use an IKEA dresser as your base

Or, rather than building on a costly piece, make a splash with a RAST dresser in the bathroom.

Make a replacement from a single wood board

Turn a single wooden board into a minimalist vanity with this clever DIY build.

Cover ugly areas in cheap ceiling tile

If there are scratches or nicks in your old piece, add a new front with cheap ceiling tile.