Asked on Jun 15, 2012

I need MANY ideas on how to make some inexpensive, recessed medicine cabinets.

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We aren't very carpenter-smart, but can handle simple projects. We have a dbl vanity in master bath with one large mirror. I want more storage so I want 2 LARGE recessed med cabinets...with wood frames. The price of a really large one is outrageous...and I need trying to fig out an easy way to make them ourselves.......
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  • These are pretty simple to construct with basic hand tools. Depending if the cabinets are going to be hidden behind the mirrors with them being put into frames and hinged all your building is a box with a back attached. Paint it real good. Install some adjustable shelves and your good to go. If your thinking of having doors, you can purchase at some home centers if not on line, pre manufactured cabinet doors that you can use for the doors, then simply construct the four sides to fit the drawers and nail on a back out of plywood. You can get fancy and all, but a simple box out of 1/2 inch by four inch wide popular is all you need for the frame. Cut square, use some glue and small screws or nails. Pre-drill the holes on the ends so the wood does not split. A good quality paint job and your good to go.

  • Cindy
    on Mar 7, 2016

    Easily done! Cut your large mirror in half and frame it. Add a back for durabily and there are thedoors for your cabinets. Next cut out the sheet rock to the dimensions you need to fit the doors on and make simple boxes. Add shelving and a back, put them in place, attach your doors and you've got custom vanity mirrors. We did this on both sides of our walk in closet and used long door mirrors, the for everything ! Hope this helps! Your lumber store will usually cut your wood free of charge!

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