The problem: A huge eyesore by the entrance

This vent was noticeable the moment you walked in.

The fix: Replace it with a fancy vent

This easy and doable replacement still draws attention, but for good reasons.

The problem: Old and dingy floor vents

These vents constantly looked dirty and were gross to step near.

The problem: It collides with your molding

You want your home to look nice, but the vents keep getting in the way.

The fix: Install a smaller vent to fit

A smaller vent doesn’t take up as much room, and allows for the molding to go over it.

The problem: Dirty and dusty vents

These vents have seen better days, and even with dusting, they still didn’t look that great.

The fix: Clean them in the dishwasher

Yup, a good cleaning with the hot water will make them look good as new.

The problem: Old and scratched vents

These vents dated the room and were not pretty to look at.

The problem: It draws too much attention

This vent made you constantly look over the door, and it was hardly in use.

The fix: Cover it up with pretty paper cuts

This cut up paper looks pretty and allows for the air to go through.

The problem: A huge eyesore on the ceiling

In this gorgeous room, all anyone could look at was the big vent.

The fix: Camouflage it with a design

With this pattern ceiling you can hardly tell there’s a vent there anymore.