Which color pairs with chocolate

We recently purchase chocolate colored couches, what color rug would best pair with them?
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  • Jennifer Weber Ferguson Jennifer Weber Ferguson on Nov 23, 2016
    I have always loved any shade of Teal with Chocolate!!!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 23, 2016
    What colors are the walls?

  • Tina Tina on Nov 23, 2016
    For a living room I would do tans greens maybe some blue

  • Tova Pearl Tova Pearl on Nov 30, 2016
    baby blue, silver, mint green, and cream (alone or all together)

  • ROBIN ROBIN on Dec 19, 2016
    Pink is beautiful with chocolate, as is pale blue or light teal.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Dec 24, 2016
    Are you talking of an area rug or a full sized rug? If you are speaking of an area then basically any warm color would be great. What's your favorite color what do you have hanging on the walls go for what speaks to your heart. On the other hand if you are speaking of a floor entirely covered stick to something that will hold up to heavy traffic that is neutral so it diapers so that the highlight in your room can be your art work. I just purchased a leather sofa in expresso so very dark brown and 2 chairs one in rust and one a beautiful fabric that has basically fall colors because it's my favorite time of year and the carpet is a dry sand color so light to not darken room. It just fades away and I can highlight my treasures my art work and stuff. Don't play it too safe but play it smart. Money doesn't grow on trees so make yourself smile when you walk into that room. I had the last shaped room painted organic green Sherwin Williams and white. I had baton board added to ding room and had it painted in high gloss on boards and and same shade of pure white but in eggshell on in between the room makes me happy and relaxed. I took it up 2/3erds then carried greed over. In living room the green is on walls but added chair rail oh and all windows trimmed in same high gloss white and most importantly I have 6 inch baseboard's. I'm to old to be living now I didn't play it safe I suggest you live now you know what's in your heart so go with it. Happy holidays.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Dec 24, 2016
    Oh sorry for all the errors I can spell.

  • Pam Pam on Dec 24, 2016
    I love pops of turquoise with chocolate plus almond and maybe a hint of coral, too. I would try out some bold patterned throw pillows first on a solid brown couch to see what appeals to you. They could be returned if necessary. Then you might have a sense of what kind/color/pattern you might enjoy in a rug. Consider how much light you have, how much traffic the rug will get, should it be solid? or a geometric pattern to hide the dirt?

  • Phyllis Phyllis on Dec 31, 2016
    I think chocolate and blue are a good combination