Here Comes the Light! 3 Great Light Ideas

Find great easy light DIY ideas to make this winter brighter!

By Leah Fried

Step 1: Clean your tins

Remove the labels and sticky residue from your tin cans

Step 2: Make slices through the can

The slices should be 3/4" apart from each other

Step 3: Create a handle

Grab your thick metal wire and make a nice arc around the top of the can to make a handle

Step 4: Create two holes for the wire

Drill two holes at the top of the can directly across from one another that are large enough for the wire

Step 5: Feed the wire through the holes

Feed one end of the wire through one of the holes

Step 6: Twist the wire

Use your wire cutters or pliers to curve the wire around the edge of the can so it secures the handle in place

Step 7: Form the shape of the lantern

It's better to use gloves to avoid cuts

Step 8: Spray paint the lantern

If you want to add a little extra character to your lanterns, spray paint them the color of your choice

Step 9: Drop a light inside

LED lights are great because they're waterproof and much safer than regular wax candles

Step 10: Create more lanterns and patterns!

Look at all those designs cast on the wall! The possibilities are endless!

Step 1: Cut scrapbooking paper

Make sure your tuna cans are empty and clean

Step 2: Hot glue paper strips to cans

Add glue until the entire strip is glued to the can

Step 3: Cut string to hang cans

Cut different lengths of twine to hang the cans

Step 5: Cut the bow loose

Cut an inch and a half to 2" or so. These to add an extra little touch to the cans

Step 6: Hot glue the bow to the can

Glue the end of the twine string to the can

Next: Light Up Your Bedroom With A... RUG!

Instead of just buying a nightlight for the wall or desk, make a light up rug!

Step 1: Start crocheting your rug

Start with crocheting a circle. If the circle itself isn't secure, make a few stitches to keep it together

Step 2: Insert your rope light

Crochet at least 3 rows of your rug before adding the rope light

Step 3: Finish crocheting the rug

This part goes much faster than you would think because the rope is thick

Step 4: Turn on the light!

Place your rug close to an outlet in your children's room and plug it in!

Step 5: Watch the full tutorial

If you want to see how to crochet here's a link just for you