3 Absolutely Adorable Ways To Display Your Plants

Follow these step-by-step tutorials to have to create the cutest plant displays!

By Hometalk Hits

Step 1: Gather your materials

42" metal tomato cage, spray paint (rust-oleum metallic gold), planter pot, plant

Step 1: Flip tomato cage upside down

Flip your tomato cage down, so it stands on it's round base

Step 2: Remove end picks from cage

You can use metal cutters to remove them or bend them back-and-forth a few times until they bend right off

Step 3: Spray paint cage

Use the color of your choice!

Step 4: Insert your plant pot

Once your tomato cage is dry to the touch, place a planter pot inside the first circle

Step 5: Insert your plant

Place the plant of your liking into your pot

Step 5: Admire the end result!

The height is perfect and it's a great space saver at the same time

Next: Create A Topsy Turvy Planter

You're neighbors won't be able to stop smiling when they pass by your house!

Step 1: Paint your pots

I chose this bright blue Rust-Oleum spray paint for that perfect pop of color!

Step 2: Fill pot with soil & insert rod

Take your 10" pot and fill it with potting soil. Insert the metal rod into the center of the pot while you fill it

Step 3: Thread your second pot onto the rod

Take one of your 6" pots and thread the metal rod through the bottom base hole

Step 4: Fill your second pot

Wedge your smaller pot into the soil, so it sits on an angle and fill it with soil

Step 5: Glue the edge of your pot

Using heavy-duty adhesive (like E600) glue the right outer edge of your second pot

Step 6: Add next pot, fill, and repeat

Continue until all pots are threaded onto the rod, glued, and filled with soil

Step 7: Plant your flowers

You will most likely have to break up the root of the plant slightly to ensure they fit nicely into each pot

Step 8: Show off to all your neighbors!

What a fun way to bring some color to your doorstep!

Next: Mosaic Cookie Tin Planter

This is a great way to repurpose a tin into a lovely mosaic succulent planter

Step 1: Place stones around tin with grout

Using little dabs of grout, begin placing the stones onto the tin

Step 2: Cover entire tin with stones

It's best to work from the bottom up, that way the stones won't slide down

Step 3: After dried, grout the mosaic

Make sure the grout gets is spread evenly and gets into every crack

Step 4: Wipe off all the excess grout

Use a damp cloth to to wipe off as much excess grout as possible

Step 5: Insert succulents and display!

You can also use these as candle holders!