Protection for white wicker ....???

I have some vintage white wicker furniture that I would like to use on a screened in porch. Is there any kind of paint or sealer to use that would help preserve the furniture? I honestly don't know which way to go with this. thanks for any feedback.

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 15, 2018
    You would need to use a spray paint to get better coverage on the wicker. I would go to a local home improvement store and see what they have, ask an associate if they have polyurethane in a spray can or what else you could use. Are they exposed to a lot of humidity? If so, perhaps something like a marine poly would work well.
  • Stefan Stefan on Jan 16, 2018
    i use spray cans from rustloium brand easy to use! Must where a mask and spray it
    outside, the paint will last about two yrs for the ware and tear.
  • Rhonda J. Hunter Rhonda J. Hunter on Jan 16, 2018
    You can try Krylon Clear Acrylic Paint Sealer. Be sure the wicker is clean and dry before spraying. Be sure the wicker is completely coated, even underneath. I use Krylon on a lot of different surfaces to protect them, but have never tried wicker. I think it is your best bet, other than painting with a clear oil varnish or lacquer. Either method will turn slightly yellow over time.
  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 16, 2018
    We always used high gloss enamel spray paint on them every year to spruce them up.
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jan 16, 2018
    So sorry to hear you have not gotten a response.
    I would clean the wicker well, removing any loose paint. Then I'd paint with a high gloss paint as that wears better outside. It can then be spray painted with a clear polyurethane coating if you feel it is needed.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 16, 2018
    I remember your question and did answer....Perhaps it did not go through....
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