Asked on Nov 6, 2019

How do I paint glass?



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  • Flipturn
    on Nov 6, 2019

    Where is the glass, and how is the painted glass going to be used?

    Please tell us a little more about your project so that we can try to offer you more specific suggestions.

  • Recreated Designs
    on Nov 7, 2019

    Hi Dee. Painting glass is very easy. I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for glass jars, vases and windows. It sticks incredibly well and holds up well. Good luck!

  • Myra
    on Nov 7, 2019

    what ever your painting on ,wash and dry, then clean well with alcohol to remove all oil from handling. You can buy glass paints at ac moore, michaels, hobby lobby. A good brand are the Americana paints put out by DecoArt. They are labled gloss evamels, which means they are glass paints. When using these paints , paint one layer then let dry b 4 adding another layer , otherwise u will pull your paint, which means it will pull off. if it is a piece to b washed it has to cure for 21 days, OR put in COLD oven, turn on 325 ,after it reaches 325 keep on for 30 min's, turn off the oven and do NOT open till completely cold. the best time to do this is b 4 u go to bed. Turn off, go to bed and can b taken out in the morning. Good luck

  • Heje
    on Nov 8, 2019

    Clean the glass well with alcohol, use paint from the auto, hobby or discount stores designed for glass and enjoy your creation.

  • Vimarhonor
    on Nov 8, 2019

    I recently painted 36 glass mason jars with Folk art multipurpose. This paint is rated for glass needs to be baked on.

    Plaid has a whole page on glass paint products I would look there or call their support line. They are very educational and helpful

    Additional references that helped me with regular ( non glitter) paint glass painting. I hope this helps!


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