10 Bedroom Accents You Should Definitely Get for Your Home This Year

By Hometalk

Hexagon Mirrors

These peel and stick hexagon mirrors add an elegant and modern sparkle!


A little green in any space (even faux) goes a long way!

Modern Wood Clock

Get rid of that ugly old clock and grab a sleek digital one... it even updates you on the weather!

Mystical Moon Hanging

If moons and all things galaxy are your jam this wall decor is perfect for you!

Rainbow Fairy Lights

Add a little fun and whimsy with these rainbow fairy lights!

Nature Watercolors

Is there anything more soothing than nature watercolors? These succulent prints are gorgeous!

Glow In The Dark Ocean Wall Decals

Kids' wall art just got a huge upgrade with these glow in the dark ocean decals!

Crystal Chandelier

Does your bedroom need a bit more sparkle? This chandelier should do the trick!

Cactus Ring Dish

This adorable cactus ring dish is the perfect jewelry catch-all!

Hammock Chair

There's nothing cozier than a hammock chair! Bonus: this one is adorably boho!