Add texture to your dresser

Give your plain dresser some dimension with a textured stencil design from spackle. Get tutorial here

Put white accent wallpaper on your cabinet

Apply white maple embossed wallpaper to your plain, worn-out little shoe cabinet. Get tutorial here

Use coasters as unique door handles

Attach slate and wood coasters to your cabinet doors for unique handles. Get tutorial here

Turn chairs into a cute bench

Repurpose drab old dining chairs into a fun, bright patio bench. Get tutorial here

Remove stubborn staining with bleach

Bring your furniture back to its natural beauty using regular household bleach to remove staining. Get tutorial here

Add floral wallpaper to your dresser

Create pretty storage space in your room by adding Photowall floral wallpaper to an old dresser. Get tutorial here

Convert a coffee table into a multi-purpose item

Change a sturdy coffee table into a nightstand that can also be used for storage and seating for the perfect piece of furniture for a limited budget, little space, and no woodworking skills. Get tutorial here

Apply a bright wallpaper backer board

Give new life to an old bookcase using paint stripper and a painted wallpaper backer board. Get tutorial here

Cover your table with a patterned shower curtain

Grab a fabric shower curtain to give an old entry table the transformation it needs to become gorgeous. Get tutorial here

Make drawer handles out of corks

Spruce up a plain bedside table with metallic drawer knobs made out of corks and nail polish. Get tutorial here

Build a bar cart from a dresser drawer

Create an adorable beverage cart out of a little drawer for the perfect serving piece in your home. Get tutorial here

Upcycle a drawer into a bookcase

Stand up a long drawer, and add legs to it to make a lovely shelved bookcase. Get tutorial here

Add a Boho touch with rattan

Give your chair some personality by wrapping rattan reeds around its frame. Get tutorial here