These mini cement planters

Scoop cement on top of a balloon to mold it into little planters for your succulents. Get tutorial here

This Boho-style woven vase

Weave raffia around a balloon for a charming vase with a diamond pattern. Get tutorial here

These adorable decor marshmallows

Decorate your home with the cutest marshmallow balloon decor with tiny felt hats. Get tutorial here

These LED light balls

Wrap jute rope around balloons to form balls, and then add string lights for a bright decoration. Get tutorial here

Some awesome abstract art

Press a balloon into paint and stamp a canvas with it for pretty balloon smash paintings that you’ll love displaying on your wall. Get tutorial here

These beautiful pressed flower lanterns

Cover a balloon with paper and paste, and add dried flowers to it before letting it dry and popping the balloon to create a beautiful lantern. Get tutorial here

An autumn leaf bowl

Bring fabulous autumn colors into your home with a delicate leaf bowl molded with a balloon. Get tutorial here

These decorative yarn balls

Display a stylish bowl of homemade yarn ball ornaments to add a high-end look to your home decor. Get tutorial here

This fun party pinata

Dip newspaper into glue and apply it to a balloon, and then stick candy inside of it to create a fun party activity. Get tutorial here

These brightly painted decorations

Turn dull clear balloons into bright decorations by filling them with paint and inflating them. Get tutorial here

A quick balloon cooler

Cool down your drinks this summer in a wide vase full of mini frozen balloons. Get tutorial here

These pretty candle votives

Keep pesky mosquitoes away with balloon-wrapped citronella candle votives. Get tutorial here

This unique button bowl

Glue buttons to a balloon to create a unique bowl that’s full of character. Get tutorial here

These cute stress balls

Fill balloons with playdough and draw faces on them to make super cute stress balls to help you release your feelings. Get tutorial here

These lace doily tealight holders

Dip lace doilies into paste and spread them over a balloon to create fancy holders for your tealights. Get tutorial here

A cute clay planter

Shape air dry clay around a balloon to make a durable clay planter that has personality. Get tutorial here

These frozen floral water balloons

Put flowers into your balloons, fill them with water, and then freeze them to create pretty ice balls once the balloons are peeled off. Get tutorial here