Paint a mural on your dresser

Treat your dresser as a blank slate, and paint a beautiful mountain mural on it. Get tutorial here

Line the sides of your drawers

Glue bright wallpaper to the sides of your dresser drawers to get a fun pop of color every time you open them. Get tutorial here

Give your dresser an ombre makeover

Blend paint colors on your dresser to give it a lovely ombre finish. Get tutorial here

Make a modern arches colorblock wall

Add a little color and fun to your plain white walls with a gorgeous, modern accent wall. Get tutorial here

Hang a beachy sunset clock

Use epoxy resin and a heat gun to create a fabulous clock that’ll look amazing on your wall. Get tutorial here

Assemble cute bookshelves

Mount a super cute arched bookcase on your wall to encourage your little ones to read more. Get tutorial here

Paint your door a bold bright color

Transform your front door from drab to fab with a paint job for a bold pop of color. Get tutorial here

Apply colorful bookcase backing

Stick bright wallpaper to the back of your bookshelves to add an interesting design and pop of color to your space. Get tutorial here

Put up a fun ombre French cleat wall

Finish your French cleat wall with an array of vibrant paint colors for a bright touch in your otherwise white room. Get tutorial here

Stencil a pattern onto your wall

Trace a cardboard stencil on your wall, and then fill the pattern with different colors for a fun accent wall. Get tutorial here

Design your dresser with calming pastel colors

Make yourself a gorgeous set of retro drawers with a contemporary twist with calming pastel colors and metallic copper hardware. Get tutorial here

Hang pretty ombre curtains

Sew together denim scraps to create the perfect ombre curtains for your windows. Get tutorial here

Give your dresser a cool geometric design

Use perfectly contrasting colors to paint a cool geometric dresser. Get tutorial here

Brighten your kitchen with a red island

Add a modern pop to your kitchen with a bright red island that complements your black cabinets. Get tutorial here

Paint a bright geometric accent wall

Cover your wall with brightly painted geometric shapes to add tons of personality to your home. Get tutorial here