Adding sparkle (glitter?) to painted lines on a wall....

I want to add glitter (for dimension) to painted lines on a wall....I am not sure what to use? I would like the 'base' to dry clear so the sparkle (glitter) is on top of the wall color..and it needs to be applied with a roller, kinda like the glitter top coat when getting a manicure :) any ideas what I should use?
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  • ,,There IS a product made to add a nice ' glitter ' sheen to your paint, you can add this in or have it done where you purchase paint. There is also a ' metallic sheen ' product, that can be added to paint. I think Martha Stewart also makes a product like this , to add to paint.
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    • @Nancy ....I think you would have to add this to paint, thats what it is designed for. I just read your reply to Patty, but craft glitter glue is REALLY ' glittery', but if that is the finish you desire, then go for it . :) I certainly would not use a sealer on a wall....its going to be hard to cover that up or repaint at a later date. Maybe some pics of your finished project ?! :)
  • Patty Patty on Feb 19, 2015
    I'm a glitter queen,,I use good old fashion craft glitter glue,,it dries beautifully,,I have clients that like it super shiny,,after leaving it set up for 72 hours, I then use a low VOC polyethylene clear coat (no smell),,, it will dry and cure in 48 hours and when it comes time to clean the wall the glitter stay put,,have fun and good luck.
  • Patty Patty on Feb 19, 2015
    Nancy,,,I use any brand that A.C. Moore sells,,great quality and price for the larger bottles,,and the sealer is easy to dull with straight acetone. To unseal it just gently sand the the area first, then wipe with the acetone, then use another good old fashion primer like Kilz,,make sure to purchase the Kilz for covering semi-gloss,,then paint away. This is a tried and true method,,I have done re-buil and re-design in over 3000 homes in the USA without any problems. Justin case your wondering, how many years,,well I'm 65 and won't stop,,,I love doing all this great stuff,,have fun and if you get nervous,,try it out on a piece of drywall or even wood,,I have my students do those first thing in class. Have fun!!
  • Lesley Lesley on Feb 20, 2015
    Another way of achieving a really, really glittery effect is to use ordinary 'craft' glitter or the super fine stuff depending on the effect you are looking for. Paint the area you want to be 'glittery' with PVA glue and then, and this is the magic bit, blow the glitter directly at it, you can do this directly from the palm of your hand. Put newspaper on the floor to catch any bits that don't stick. Once dry, seal with either more PVA or a clear varnish. I have seen this on a whole wall where the glitter was spread in 'drifts', it was a grey wall with sliver glitter, looked quite sophisticated. But the beauty of painting on the PVA is that you can do quite intricate designs, even paint a child's name in glitter. Hope this might provide the look you want.
  • Andrea Andrea on Feb 20, 2015
    Disney makes a glitter (and a confetti!) top coat for paint that dries clear. Works great...with two "princesses" living in our house we know all about the glitter!
  • Debra Byrd Milam Debra Byrd Milam on Feb 20, 2015
    Check out Miracle Tape available at Viva Las VegaStamps on the internet. It comes in 5 different widths. The roll I have is 55 yards long. Don't know how wide or long you need. It is invisible when covered in glitter. I used it in card making. Extremely adhesive.