How to turn a dresser into a breakfast bar

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  • Ken Ken on Dec 15, 2017
    I was looking around to see if there was some trend that you may be trying to copy and I found none. "Breakfast bar" in this usage is just a table, right? What functionality did you want to build in, if any?

    Putting my Amazing Kreskin powers to work, if the height is right for the stools you have then you just need a larger top attached so there's some place for your knees? Then you have to worry about it tipping over, right? And that makes the top drawers useless, right?

    In my opinion it would be much, much more practical to buy a table rather than try to make a cabinet (which is what a dresser is) into a table.

  • FL FL on Dec 15, 2017
    Make a greh pot of coffee, Teresa, here are 96 different ideas for turning your dresser into a breakfast bar/island!

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 15, 2017
    like Ficher says.... ... or can give you ideas too.

  • Sue Peet Sue Peet on Dec 20, 2017
    Ever heard of this show, Flea Market Flip? People take items that are bought at flea markets and repurpose them. Many have transformed bureaus into many things like islands, bars, etc.