I've started a new project, a table out of a cable spool.

My question is, how do I make the cylinder and the top and bottom very sturdy?
Any advice would be very appreciative, thank you.
q i ve started a new project a table out of a cable spool , painted furniture, repurpose building materials, repurposing upcycling, As you can see they re very large spools with the wire they re probably very sturdy without the wire they re very wobbly
As you can see they're very large spools with the wire they're probably very sturdy without the wire they're very wobbly
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  • Jack Rogerson Jack Rogerson on Jun 16, 2016
    Maybe you could wrap thin plywood or some other material around the cylinder, and bind it with wire. The top and bottom could have sheets of wood, fibre-board, chipboard, whatever nailed or screwed to their outer surfaces. Use glue as well if you like.

  • Jeanie5150 Jeanie5150 on Jun 16, 2016
    Make an "X" in the bottom with 2x2's or 2x4's, Much like you would for a tree stand. That should give it more stability and keep it from rocking. Cover the top with a vinyl tablecloth and staple the edges all around.

  • 9530106 9530106 on Jun 16, 2016
    Any way that you might have a wrench large enough to tighten the bolts- that may be all that is needed.

  • Rosel Kynast Rosel Kynast on Jun 16, 2016
    i agree with C-ann-g, The top and bottom are very sturdy ,tighten the bolts and your good to go. My husband made tables out of them that we had on our deck and patio for 50 years, just got rid of them lately because of moving to a smaller place.

  • Andrader59 Andrader59 on Jun 16, 2016
    I have checked other sites like Pinterest for ideas to help you. Log into Pinterest theres beautiful ideas for this. Maybe by adding a slight large top and depending on what you want the table for. Good luck I would love to see how it turns out. fortunatemam55@outlook.com

  • cover the sides with 1x2 strapping cut a round piece of ply wood for the top cut a hole in the centre for an umbrella ta da

  • Leisa Hart Leisa Hart on Jun 19, 2016
    I just recently "up cycled" one by simply putting bun feet, from Homedepot, on the bottom. Four steps, sanded it, stained it, sprayed the bolts, on top, with paint, and added the feet.

  • Marilyn Grbich Marilyn Grbich on Jun 20, 2016
    Very sturdy as is if bolts are tightened. Friend did glass mosaic pattern on top. Beautiful!

  • Ken7464878 Ken7464878 on Jun 26, 2016
    Thanks everyone for the help...