Turn your old jeans into mini leg planters

They’re both creepy and cute, and a great way to show off your plants. Get tutorial here

Use an old tire as a chic planter

Wrap rope around and build a stand for this adorable idea. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a wall clock with flowers

Add a small pouch for some daisies. Who wouldn’t love this? Get tutorial here

Cut out an old book into a succulent planter

This is just so adorable. If only books were waterproof, we would keep this on our porch all year. Get tutorial here

Plant wheat grass into mason jars

Everything looks adorable in mason jars. Get tutorial here

Stack cinder blocks into a vertical planter

Just imagine when those plants start cascading over the blocks. Beautiful! Get tutorial here

Decorate your planters into little monsters

Add some googly eyes and a mouth, and your neighbors will love these! Get tutorial here

Stack tires into a big teacup planter

If you’re a fan of those spinning teacups, you’re going to love this. Get tutorial here

Or plant flowers in your old tea kettles

Rustic charm meets Disney with these cute planter kettles. Get tutorial here

Or go the next level with a vintage car

How adorable does this look? I want it on my patio. Get tutorial here

Save your Campbell’s soup cans

Probably the most simple (and adorable!) type of planter. Get tutorial here

Place a tire on three chair legs

It looks kind of odd, but it’s actually a really great idea for a big outdoor planter. Get tutorial here