How do you modge podge?

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  • Can you be more specific on your question? Modge podge is a type of glue that also comes in different finishes (like it is shiny or matte or for indoors or outdoors). You use it a glue and sealer attaching fabric or paper to surfaces I usually use a sponge paint brush and you can thin the Modge Podge with water if it is too thick. I M/P fall leaves to an artificial pumpkin. I M/P scrap book paper on a canvas. I MP fabric on top of a terribly scraped up table.

  • Virginia Thomas Virginia Thomas on Apr 28, 2017
    Choose the modge podge finish you wish to use.......or try both. Choose the item you want to decorate and the idea you want to create. Depending on the size of your project choose a disposable foam brush. In the past, I have taken plain bottles or jars, filled them with herbal vinegars, homemade bath salts and other gift idea. Noting the occasion, I have selected and torn up fabrics or decorative papers. Let your imagination be your only limitation! Brush an area on the bottle or jar with the Modge Podge you have selected. Add a bit of your paper or fabric and brush it again with more Modge Podge. Continue piece by piece until you have the desired effect. Set aside and allow a to dry, I apply an addition coat of the glue in about 12 to 24 hours and allow it to dry completely before I add a ribbon or cord and present it as a gift. I have glued the recipe to the bottle, or an invitation for the affair I have made the gift for. As said earlier, just use your imagination and have fun!

  • Barbara Lynn Vaughan Barbara Lynn Vaughan on Apr 28, 2017
    use it as a glue and sealer. If you want to put fabric or paper on something, spread a nice coat of MP on the surface of the item, lay down whatever you are glueing, then put a nice coat of MP over top. Good luck!

  • Katherine Anne Katherine Anne on Apr 29, 2017
    So Modge Podge is a branding name, for a glue, that is used to adhere fabric, scrap paper, napkins, tissue paper and a variety of other possible items... onto a surface. So let's say you wanted to take some beautiful flower tissue paper and put it on an old picture frame. You can take your store-bought Modge Podge glue (or you can make it yourself: white school glue watered down with water... ratio does not have to be exact but to give you an idea, if you would take...let's say three parts white school glue and add 1 part water. That is your decoupage glue or as you're referring to it,Mod Podge, which can be bought in the store) I digress, I apologize... Anyway you take a little of your glue and brush it on the surface you want to apply the tissue paper onto... then you simply smooth out the tissue paper with your fingers, as you lay it on top of the glue. You could also use an expired credit card or a store discount card, and smooth it that way. You don't have to press too hard,as it may tear. Next, take a little more of that glue on your paint brush and smooth it over the top of the newly placed tissue paper. Let dry completely . Next step is optional, but I always apply at least two more layers of the glue, always letting it dry between each coat. This will let whatever project you are creating,look like artwork and not just like tissue paper placed on top of a piece of wood or a planter. Lastly,when all of it is completely dry...I take a matte spray sealer and spray away... protecting my finished project.

  • Dori Marzari Barrett Dori Marzari Barrett on May 01, 2017
    The Plaid product branded Mod Podge (not Modge Podge like a lot of us call it!) is very versatile and comes in different formulas for various projects, depending on the results you're looking for. I love the stuff and prefer it to mixing my own. I recommend going to for lots of great tips and project ideas.~Dori