Tile floors, changing grout color

I have light colored ceramic tile in my kitchen and bathrooms with white grout, can I change the color of the grout without doing anything major? I would like it a dark color.
q tile floors, flooring, tile flooring, This is My Kitchen Floor I also have 2 bathrooms with the same Floors I would Love to Change the Color of the Grout without having to do any Major Changes I would like the Grout to be Dark is there anything that I can use to do this
This is My Kitchen Floor I also have 2 bathrooms with the same Floors I would Love to Change the Color of the Grout without having to do any Major Changes I would like the Grout to be Dark is there anything that I can use to do this
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  • Shari Shari on Feb 22, 2015
    Yes, there are 2 products I am familiar with that you can use. One is called "Grout Refresh" and the other is "Grout Renew." Home Depot carries one brand and Lowes carries the other. There are multiple colors to chose from so you can pick something similar to what you have now, or you can completely change the color of your grout with it. I used one of the products about 18 months ago on the floor tile in one bathroom (I can't remember which of the two products I used) and it still looks great. You can use the search bar at the top of the page with the words "Grout Refresh" or "Grout Renew" and you'll find posts where other HT members have shared their results. Here is my "after" photo but sorry, I forgot to take a "before" picture.

  • Suzan Suzan on Feb 22, 2015
    How to Mix a Color Acrylic Into Grout,,,Found on homeguides.sfgate.com I looked on Pinterest :) by Stephanie Mitchell

  • Carmen Carmen on Feb 22, 2015
    Sure you can. I would first check that the existing grout is in good condition, go over it lightly with grout remover tool (I like the handheld grout saw - quite small and easy to use). If there are dents, or chips in the grout, loose grout, etc. remove that area and repair. I like to use ready mix grout, try to match the existing grout. I actually wear gloves, and use a plastic knife and sponge to get it in if only a repair job, go over lightly to clean tile with damp sponge. In a bathroom I would also check the caulk while you are at it, thus avoiding a headache after you changed grout color having to do this job. Let dry - I take 1 whole day. Then clean entire area you want color change with just plain water, or water and vinegar. Let dry 1+ hours. Then use the products Shari recommended. I would stay away form the ones that look like a pen, expensive and difficult to use, they dry out quickly. I like Polyblend - I use a fine brush from a craft store, slightly smaller then lines you are filling in. This is a very tedious job - but so worth it!!! Have on hand damp rugs, for quick cleanup, a cup with water to clean your brush (have 2 brushes), a roll of paper towels, and wear gloves. Let dry for 1-2 days. Your option to seal or not seal - I don't seal the grout Polyblend supposedly has a sealer. Afterwards do not use harsh cleaners on your tile, otherwise a dark color might fade.

  • BBB BBB on Feb 23, 2015
    I have done this..I used acrylic house paint and some artist paint to get the exact color I wanted. Make sure you seal it with grout sealer after painting and use flat paint not satin or gloss so it won't peel off ...mine on for two years and it's still looking good.

  • Brenda Brenda on Feb 23, 2015
    Like Shari, I used the "grout paint" on my grout lines. My grout was looking dirty. The more I tried to clean them the worse they looked. I tried steam vacs, every kind of natural and home made product out there. The more I cleaned the worse it got. I found later this just opened up the grout more to take stains.After trying everything I could find to clean them I tried the paint. It took a while because I have about 1400 sq. ft. Of tile. To change the color is not that hard, just time consuming and hard on the knees. There are some really good U-tube videos that will have good hints to help. By the way, I bought the empty bottle with the roller and brush. It didn't work well. I used a couple of toothbrushes.good luck.

  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 23, 2015
    Just did my main bath & foyer. I actually custom made my colors from a few different bottles of Polyblend Grout Renew. It works great. If I can upload a picture I will. My foyer was different colored slate & dirt/grime had been sealed in by prev owner. I painted the tiles slate gray, painted the grout using color to make the grout lines appear smaller they were too big.) then did 3 coats of poly. In the bath, the orig grout was too big and white on almond tiles. Blending a perfect color helped minimize the grout lines here too. I can't recommend this stuff enough. I spent hours scrubbing & got nowhere. Having the right size & stiffness of brush is key. That's it!

  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 23, 2015
    I can't seem to upload photos from my iPhone or IPad. You may see my before & after pics on my Pinterest page. Search Polyblend Grout Renew & look for Sharon Zullo.

  • Kathryn steuernagel Kathryn steuernagel on Feb 23, 2015
    Dark grout makes the house look dated. Sure you want to do this?

    • RONDA R RONDA R on Feb 24, 2015
      I was in a entry way into a Doctors Office and they had exactly what I was looking for and I loved it, I have a lot of Traffic going in and out of my House with Geadkids and I work so this would be Great for Me