Annie Sloan Brushes

Jeannie Scott
by Jeannie Scott
I purchased Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and all 3 sizes of her paint brushes. In using the new brushes for the first time, the brushes are losing bristles all over my painted table. Is this normal or is there something I need to do to the brushes to prevent this, Very disappointed and very difficult to get the bristles out of the painted surface!!!!
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  • Shari Shari on Aug 19, 2013
    Wow. This surprises me because, although I haven't purchased the AS brushes, I know they are really expensive. I would not have expected that. Since you just recently posted this question, someone will likely come along who can answer this for you but my first thought was to check with the ASCP stockist you purchased from. Also, Amy at the blog, Maison Decor, uses ASCP exclusively to paint the furniture she sells in her shops, she's a stockist, and she knows Annie Sloan personally. You might want to shoot Amy an email or leave her a comment on her blog if no one here on HT can help you.
  • Jeannie Scott Jeannie Scott on Aug 19, 2013
    Thanks Shari!!! Yes, I was very surprised and disappointed especially as they are very expensive!
  • Jill B Jill B on Aug 19, 2013
    Jeannie, I researched this too when I purchased my ASCP are to wash them well before use......this is what I found on the AS website Q. I recently purchased a new Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush and some of the bristles are showing up in my fresh paintwork. What can I do to stop the bristles from shedding? A. Any natural bristle brush will lose a few bristles when new and should be conditioned before its first use. Slap the bristles against your hand several times to loosen any rogue bristles. Then slap the bristles against a table edge several times to further loosen any bristles. Use your fingers to pull out any loose bristles that you see. Dip the brush in paint (1/3 the bristle length) and paint a newspaper page (several sheets thick) back and forth in an “X” pattern to break in the bristles. Wash vigorously with mild soap and warm water and it’s ready for use. Hope that helps! ALOT of bristles came out when i cleaned them the first time. I have been using them for a month and they are fantastic! :) If you have the wax brushes, I soaked them in Murphy's oil the first use......
  • Jeannie Scott Jeannie Scott on Aug 19, 2013
    Thanks @Jill Balzer !!!! I should have researched before I used them also!! I was so excited about getting started painting with the paint and brushes. Great info! Thanks so much for your help and yes, I purchased the wax brushes also and have Murphy's oil on hand!
    • GeeJudy GeeJudy on Oct 19, 2013
      @Jeannie Scott I'd have thought the store that sold you them should have told you--they are very expensive--this is too bad and frustrating I am sure
  • Jill B Jill B on Aug 19, 2013
    Haha, yes I know! Make sure you let the wax brush dry for 24 hours before you use.....They work great! Happy Painting!
  • Trisha Flaherty Trisha Flaherty on Dec 21, 2013
    Yeah!!! I stopped using them cause I found an old t-shirt or rags worked just as well - I wish someone had given me this advice before I forked out so much money! I even fell for the "shoe shine brush"! Old well - atleast I can pass this info on to anyone that asks.
  • Nadia Melek Nadia Melek on May 04, 2020

    I used my paint Annie Sloan brush to paint some furniture, now I have no more furniture to paint, can I use the brush to paint outside chairs with latex paint?