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ASCP Color Equivalents in Behr Paints

Judy Parkey
by Judy Parkey
I modified this list from the following link found on the blog It is correct to the best of my knowledge. Behr changed their numbering system from the time the original blog entry was made.
For a color where there is not a Behr equivalent but there IS a Sherwin Williams (SW) i.e., ASCP Paloma with SW Imagine 6009 or Veiled Violet SW 6268 ask the Home Depot paint tech to look up Behr's closest match or a computer match for that color. That is how I got a match for Greek Blue. I found "somewhere" (I think in the comments in the original blog) that the closest match was Benjamin Moore's Athen's Blue. I hope the Sherwin Williams numbers are correct. I have not checked them. I do not recommend using the SW sample pots based on the comments I've read.
Another thing I do is collect and save the paper color sample chips. I write the ASCP name on the equivalent. I think of the colors with the ASCP name and that is probably not proper, sorry Annie. I keep them clipped together and in my purse. When I want another can I pull out the sample paper chip and say, "I want quart of this".
I only mix up one cup at a time. I have read the paint could get moldy if not used up right away. Last night I read to put a few drops of lavender in the paint to prevent mold. Lavender essential oil is an antibacterial and I will start doing that with the next batch. (If I come across that blog I'll add it)
I found this blog last night and she has valuable info. I had not heard of "slaked chalk" before. I think it amounts to mixing up the Calcium Carbonate the night before with distilled water. I looked up Kremer's on Amazon and didn't find it. The Calcium Carbonate I get on Amazon is <$9 and free shipping. I have a grinder and could grind it up more but it seems sufficiently fine to me.
I use Plaster of Paris in my recipe because it keeps the wood tannins from coming thru. Even at 40/qt wood tannins will come through with ASCP...I found that very irritating. It makes the finish a bit rougher. If I knew for a fact wood tannins were not going to be an issue I'd leave it out.
This is the blog where I got my chalk paint recipe.
I'm making this composite list as I was asked to do so by another reader. None of this hard work is my own and I am not claiming it as such. I have transcribed into reviewed blogs. I have tried to give credit to all of the original writers. The one I cannot find is "adding a few drops of essential oil of lavender to the paint". I'll keep looking for that blog.
ASCP Old White Behr Polished Pearl PPU6-90
ASCP Old Ochre Behr Pecan Sandie 700C-3
ASCP Paloma NO BEHR SW Imagine 6009 or Veiled Violet SW6268
ASCP Country Grey Behr Baja UL160-17
ASCP Paris Grey Behr Sparrow 780F-4
ASCP Cream Behr Hummus UL-180-17
ASCP Versailles Behr Outback 390F-4
ASCP Arles Behr Arizona 290D-4
ASCP Louis Blue Behr Sonata 530E-3
ASCP Duck Egg Blue Behr Gray Morning 490F-4
ASCP Emporer’s Silk Behr Indiscreet UL110-6 (Home Depot did not have a sample card on display. Store clerk had to look it up in “a book”)
ASCP Henrietta Behr 690F-4 Midsummer Dream
ASCP Scandinavian Pink Behr Terra Cotta Urn UL 120-17
ASCP Provence Behr Gulf Winds 500F-5
ASCP Antibes Green Behr Caterpillar 430B-6
ASCP Primer Red Behr Burnished Mahogany 160F-7
ASCP Emile NO BEHR SW Soulmate 6270
ASCP Chateau Grey Behr Wilderness 390F-7
ASCP Greek Blue Benjamin Moore Athens Blue or Behr's code # 684014265566
ASCP Napoleonic Blue Behr English Channel PPU14-19
ASCP Graphite Behr Stealth Jet 780F-7
ASCP Olive Behr Crocodile 380F-7
ASCP Old Violet Behr Magic Spell 590F-5
ASCP Aubusson Blue Behr Cathedral 520F-6
ASCP Pure White Behr Powdered Snow WD-700
ASCP French Linen Behr Ashwood 720D-4
ASCP Coco Behr Ethiopia UL 160-20
ASCP Barcelona Orange Behr Carrot Stick 204B-7
ASCP Antoinette Behr Plymouth Notch 180E-3
ASCP Florence Behr request the following code # 684014271871
code # to get ASCP Greek Blue equivalent in Behr Paint at Home Depot
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  • Kitchen Kelli Kitchen Kelli on May 30, 2014
    @Cori Warner from the Flying C is one of my favorite blogs! The info she has on there IS valuable! I'm sure she will be thrilled with the shout out!
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    • Judy Parkey Judy Parkey on May 30, 2014
      @Kitchen Kelli I'd be for meeting in Norman. I live in Madill...east of Ardmore. There IS a Bill's in nearby Lone Grove. I'll be thinking...
  • Judy Parkey Judy Parkey on May 30, 2014
    Here is the link to how the Flying C makes chalk paint the long way. I don't think I'll be making it that way but I will try slaking my chalk.
  • Michele Eures Michele Eures on May 30, 2014
    Thanks for posting that. Where do you get the essential oil?
  • Vicki K Vicki K on May 30, 2014
    Any health store or herbal shop. On internet Mountain Rose Herbals (don't know exact name), or google it. Essential Lavender Oil.
  • Sherrie Sherrie on May 30, 2014
    I really appreciate that you did this! You took a lot of time and a lot of work! have made sludge paint from scratch I keep the putty made up and this is a on going process. I found the recipe here! I buy my acrylic paint in the tube! I purchase mine from Michael's with a 40% coupon. Helps! I have tried dozens of recipes over the years and will share mine as soon as I get everything together! I love you shared yours!
    • Judy Parkey Judy Parkey on May 30, 2014
      @Sherrie that is a VERY interesting link you provided. I definitely want to know your lime putty recipe!!!
  • Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson on May 30, 2014
    thank you so much. I havent actually painted anything ...yet, but I am going to and all these tips make it so much easier.
    • Judy Parkey Judy Parkey on May 30, 2014
      @Wendy Johnson remember you can buy the sample 8oz sized Behr paint for 2.98. You will be amazed at how much 8 ounces will paint.
  • Cori Warner Cori Warner on May 31, 2014
    Hey, thanks for the mention!! You are correct about slaking the chalk; just let it sit in the distilled water overnight, and it will mix into the paint better than if it is dry, or mixed with water and used immediately. I was glad to see in your post it can also be ordered on Amazon. Love Amazon! Also, The website address for Kremer's pigments is
  • Wendy Wendy on Jun 25, 2014
    Went to Home Depot and the Behr Numbers starting with UL are not there anymore? they have put out new paint chip papers?? Do you know what the new numbers might be to match ascp?
  • Judy Parkey Judy Parkey on Jun 26, 2014
    Oh, NO!!! But, I have found the Home Depot staff to be extremely accommodating in answering my questions. If you give them the OLD number they can look up the NEW number. If you would post the new numbers I would appreciate it so we can ALL have the correct info!
  • Judy Parkey Judy Parkey on Jun 26, 2014
    The idea for putting essential oil of lavender in paint came from an Annie Sloan book she wrote in 1993. I'll post the title, etc, later.
  • Tokkie Ann Venter Brits Tokkie Ann Venter Brits on Jun 19, 2015
    The Sonata from Behr is not an exact match for Louis Blue from Annie Sloan. I bought Sonata today but when I put it next to the Annie Sloan it looked washed out. How can I adjust the Sonata to be more like Louis Blue?
    • Judy Parkey Judy Parkey on Jan 03, 2016
      @Tokkie Ann Venter Brits I'm not an artist and of no help. I'd try the SW equivalent. There's always the chance it was mixed wrong at Home Depot? At the end of the day trying to save money can be costly.
  • D & K D & K on Jun 20, 2015
    You do realize that every Home Depot and Lowes carry the color codes for Sherwin Williams, as well as other brands of paint and can mix the matching SW color in BEHR, Valspar, Glidden and Olympia brands.
    • Judy Parkey Judy Parkey on Jan 03, 2016
      @D & K Nope, didn't know it but I do now and I AM so glad!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Home Talkers are the BEST!!!!!!
  • Katie kile Katie kile on Apr 11, 2017

    Thank you, thank you, thank you....I ll make my own chalk paint with these colors....can t tell you how much i appreciate this❤