How can i get metallic gold paint off what looks like milk glass?

Jenni M
by Jenni M
i have a punch bowl made of what looks like milk glass and some one painted it gold. i'd love to remove the paint, but i don't know what to use that won't damage the glass. any ideas? sorry there's no picture, i don't have a camera.
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  • Leigh Anne @ Houseologie Leigh Anne @ Houseologie on May 05, 2014
    Maybe Citristrip will work?
  • Pam Park Pam Park on May 05, 2014
    what about soaking it in hot water and using your thumbnail first. Then, try gently using a plastic scrungie to see if it will come off -.
  • Jennifer G Jennifer G on May 05, 2014
    Try Nail Polish Remover (with Acetone). It should do the trick, then wash with soap and water to remove the acetone residue.
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    • Jennifer G Jennifer G on May 06, 2014
      @Jenni M It shouldn't harm the glass at all, and depending on the type of paint, the acetone should remove it quite easily. Make sure to swap out your cotton balls frequently to keep from spreading the paint back on :)
  • Jenni M Jenni M on Jun 08, 2014
    thanks @jennifer g. the acetone nail polish remover is working great! it's probably gonna take a couple bottles, but i'll get there!