How do you paint over vinyl composition tile?

Samantha Ellis
by Samantha Ellis
I have some ugly composition tile in my bathrooms. I'm thinking about painting them, but not sure if I have to prep them or use special kind of paint and sealant? If anyone can give me some ideas I would appreciate it.
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  • Betty Betty on Aug 22, 2014
    Samantha, @Shavonda @ AHomeFullOfColor has posted a description on how she painted her linoleum floor. Here is the link.
  • Moxie Moxie on Aug 23, 2014
    Slightly rough them up with a light sand, clean, seal with zinsser, paint with porch (2 coats) & floor paint and seal with Varathane satin polyurethane (3 coats) - you will luv it!
  • Samantha, One of the easiest ways to paint tiles is using chalk paint - no sanding, no priming! There are several great brands available. Here are a couple: American Paint Company and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. They are handled by individual shop owners, typically an antiques or vintage shop. You can Google each one to find retailers near you. I looked up American Paint Company products and found a dealer about 40 miles from you. I don't know if you are talking wall tiles or floor tiles, but each company has a wonderful selection of colors and appropriate top coat products. Annie Sloan paint products even has a varnish especially made for floors. You will NOT need to rough them up, and no primer is needed, which reduces both time and labor. Good luck!
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    • Jun49162254 Jun49162254 on Jun 13, 2020

      This post is years old. So I hope you get this!! Wondering how well the chalk paint covers. Wondering if it would be the least expensive way to paint a whole basement floor of old industrial Imperial Vinyl Composition Tile. Ideas? Suggestions?

  • Great suggestion! I order my Annie Sloan from the Purple Painted Lady. Her shipping cost seems to be the least expensive around. In fact, I order from her, rather than buying locally as its cheaper!!
  • Moxie Moxie on Aug 23, 2014
    I have not found any benefit with chalk paint over regular paint on my projects at all. Matter of fact - I have had some peal off -- you may want to test first to see what works best for you to decide where your dollars will be spent. I am a big supporter of sealing any porous material before painting so it doen't cause me problems later.
  • Samantha Ellis Samantha Ellis on Aug 27, 2014
    Thanks for all the feedback. I really appreciate it.
  • Samantha Ellis Samantha Ellis on Sep 06, 2014
    Thank you