How to create aged copper look with paint?

by Lan15377324
I have several metal pieces I would like to have an aged copper looking finish. Some are new metal, and there is also old metal. I also have some composite pieces I'd like to create the same look with.
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  • Suzanne Root Suzanne Root on May 15, 2017

    I have tried numerous paints & techniques to get an aged copper finish for my kitchen island hood & other metal accessories in my kitchen. I don't want the greenish copper patina finish. I want the finish to match my aged copper pots and pans. I want a darker, more brown tone finish. I just purchased Rustoleum's Aged Copper Spray Paint & Rustoleum Rust Finish Spray Paint. Although I haven't used them yet, the color on the cap of the container is exactly what I am looking for after searching for many hours & spending a lot of money on products that didn't give me the finish I was looking for.

  • Jean Jean on May 17, 2017

    if the thing isn't copper, make it copper - Rustoleum is still my go-to for spray paint, and they have both normal and 'hammered' metallics that are quite nice.

    the dark (brown) patina is copper mixed with brown, red, purple and gray (separate pots) and applied with a loose-bristled brush to get a streaky effect, then rubbed off (this is easier if you add an acrylic medium or glaze, if you're new to paint tricks)

    the verdigris is copper, covered with layers of colors ranging from robin's egg or Tiffany blue to a true 'green' turquoise, which I like to put on with a sponge to give the illusion that its 'crusting' over the metal. if you're really fussy, you can add a bit of darker copper or 'rubbed bronze' at the places the two colors meet, to give it depth.