Asked on Oct 07, 2013

How to remove paint/etching from glasses.

I have some small brandy sniffers that were a gift with purchase of the brandy. The name is etched on the glass and I'd like to remove it. Any ideas or suggestions on how to do that is appreciated.
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Oct 07, 2013
    Most glass etching is either done by a version of "sand blasting" or by chemical means ( Hydroflouroic acid). Neither one is easily the smooth portion of the glass have been eroded away. In theory they could be polished but glass polishing equipment is pretty specialized. I would look into getting some new glasses, sometime thrift stores have "odd lots".
    • Sandra Garth Sandra Garth on Oct 07, 2013
      @KMS Woodworks thank you! I have passed up so many at the thrift stores hoping that I could revive mine. However, for .50 each I can't lose! Thanks again.
  • Miri Miri on Oct 07, 2013
    you should try with acetone ....or nail polish remover ,it did help me before but I guess its depending on the type of paint!
  • Patricia Brining Patricia Brining on Oct 07, 2013
    I would go to the arts n crafts store-Michaels hobby Lobby Buy a glass etching kit do your own stencil pattern over it to cover the name!
  • Sandra Lee Garth Sandra Lee Garth on Oct 07, 2013
    @Patricia Brining, that's a great idea, thank you!
  • Sandra Lee Garth Sandra Lee Garth on Oct 07, 2013
    @Miri, wasn't sure it would be strong enough but will give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Patricia Brining Patricia Brining on Oct 08, 2013
    You can find a similar pitcher and use the stencil to make a matching set! Even glass coasters or mirror to set it on can be etched!
  • Sandra Lee Garth Sandra Lee Garth on Oct 08, 2013
    @Patricia Brining I'm loving these ideas, looks like I came to the right place for advice!