Help with paint color!

by Marie
I am wondering if anyone here has used the color Mushroom Bisque (Behr) I am trying to decide whether or not to put it in my living room or just keep searching. If it looks pink in any way I don't want it. Please share photos if you've used this color. Thanks =]
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  • Hi Marie! Your best bet would be to either put the paint chip under the light "thingy" at the paint store to see how the color would look in your room or bring the chip and tape it on your wall so that you can see it under different lighting throughout the day. good luck!
    • Jane Jane on Aug 19, 2014
      Buy a sample jar and paint an area in your room that receives full sun and one that doesn't receive full sun.
  • Shari Shari on Aug 18, 2014
    Your home, your lighting, your furnishings are just a few of the factors that can make any color appear completely different than it does in someone else's home so you can't really judge based on how it worked for someone else. Even photos are not a good indication of what a paint color will look like in real life. If you have difficulty determining undertones in colors, it is generally easier to see them if you place the paint chip on a white piece of paper. If you think it passes the "no pink undertone" test, purchase a sample jar to take home. Paint large swatches of the color on several pieces of poster board and place them around the room(s) you intend to paint. Observing how the paint changes during the day and in artificial light is the best indication of how a color will work in your home.
  • Melanie Melanie on Aug 18, 2014
    I owned a paint store for 20 years and the best color I sold in that category was Sherwin Williams' Gourmet Mushroom! The best taupe/neutral color I have ever seen! it goes with everything! Try is very similar to what color you have here, but does not look pink at all! Good luck.
    • Marie Marie on Aug 18, 2014
      Thanks@Melanie I will definitely be looking that one up!
  • FrazzledMommy FrazzledMommy on Aug 18, 2014
    @Marie I painted a bunch of squares before picking a color that being one of them - when it was painted next to other colors it did have a slight tint to it I opted for gobi dessert instead this is how gobi dessert looks - its lighter but the shades on that stick get darker and didn't have pink hues - ignore the dust this was a picture form when we were laying our floors