Is there any kind of paint that I can put over wallpaper

I have a small bathroom with wallpaper. Pulled a lot of it off but most of it is really stuck. Just want to know if I can put some kind of paint over it. Thanks
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  • LibrarianTellsAll LibrarianTellsAll on Jan 26, 2015
    You'll need to mud over it first, to smooth over the papered/not papered parts of the wall. And to smooth over the wallpaper seams. Once you've done that, you should be able to use any interior paint.

  • .. there is a solution that will take wall paper off. Downey softner mixed with very warm water. Spray on and leave for a few minutes. If you carefully scrape off all the wallpaper, and lightly sand, you can use Zinnzer or Kilz primer to hide anything else. I have painted over wallpaper with great success. Tint your primer and one coat of BATHROOM paint is all you will need. :)

  • use cheese cloth soaked in hot water mixed with liquid soap. Place it on the wall so it sticks. The Moisture over a 20 min time will soften the glue so you can remove the rest. Use a spray bottle filled with liquid and keep it moist. Putting spackle over the remaining paper will sort of do the same thing, as the mud which contains water it will soften the glue and cause the paper to come off the wall resulting in it failing. So I suggest that you complete the removal process first. There is really no shortcut to fix it fast.

  • Kristina Ponath-Graham Kristina Ponath-Graham on Jan 26, 2015
    Bear paint and primer

  • SK on Elderberry SK on Elderberry on Jan 27, 2015
    I have had this issue so many times in my life I have lost count. I have found if the wallpaper is pre-1970 or so and is a plastic or vinyl wallpaper the water treatment will not work to remove. There are tools that will score the wallpaper one is called a Paper Tiger which creates scores of holes, so the moisture will penetrate the paper behind the top coat then the glue will start to dissolve. Tons of work still. I have given up on removing some wallpapers. I will scrap down the areas which are loose, then primer paint with an oil based paint. I then use a wall texture mud and hand trowel with a six inch trowel, a European texture to the walls. When this is dry I paint my first two coats with, 1 a primer, 2 my wall color. When this is dry I glaze the walls with a antiquing glaze you can find at larger home stores. Just roll it on lightly and then damp cloth it off for your desired effect. This has saved me countless hours of wallpaper removal. Good luck. sk

    • @SK on Elderberry The tool you use is called a paper tiger. I would still remove everything myself. Way faster and easier then going though all that prep work. Even if the paper is really old. The few times we could not get the stuff off, we re-papered using sizing paper then painted that. No fuss no spackle or mud to apply, dry and sand and everything comes out great.

  • Pat Keadle Gougler Pat Keadle Gougler on Jan 27, 2015
    If it is stuck down really well you can paint over it. Be sure to make the first coat a good sealer like KILZ. Then the paint.

  • Marie Cole Marie Cole on Jan 27, 2015
    Don't cringe, but a very fine sand paper on disc hand sander may take it down to where you want. Make sure paper and wall is dry when you do this and use protective goggles; there will be dust! Be extremely careful not to put too much pressure in one area, keep moving until all wallpaper is gone. If you do go too far, lightly spackle the area, sand lightly by hand when its dry then use a primer and paint. Best of luck!

  • Linda Schovanec Linda Schovanec on Jan 27, 2015
    Thank you everyone...I' m trying the primer thing this week end. Let you know how it goes

  • Jessica Jessica on Jan 27, 2015
    My best friend and her husband had the same quandary! They used Venetian Plaster, which adds a textured look, though the end result is smooth. This makes it possible to mask over/integrate the edges of the wallpaper which remain. Check it out here: Good luck!

  • ...I also meant to say if you have a wall paper steamer tool, those work well, but if you dont wish to invest in one , I have used the Downey mixture with good success, I see I failed to include to get yourself a ' scorer tool', they are handheld and inexpensive. Score the wallpaper , then once you spray the solution on, let it sit for a bit ( have a cup of tea ! lol ) and then check the progress. :)