Removing straw from my ceiling!!

Bridget Gabriel
by Bridget Gabriel
Our downstairs basement has straw that was placed on the ceiling - it's embedded in the texture - how do I remove it?! I'm sure it was fine when it was done 20 years ago - but it HAS to go now!
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 12, 2015
    Instead of removing may be can recover with a new ceiling tile unless you feel this a a health concern.
  • Bridget Gabriel Bridget Gabriel on Nov 12, 2015
    I don't think it's a health hazard - so the ceiling tiles may be a better option. Thanks for your input!
  • Charro Charro on Nov 12, 2015
    Are you positive it's straw and not asbestos?
    • Bridget Gabriel Bridget Gabriel on Nov 13, 2015
      @Charro534 positive. You can pick pieces of it off the ceiling. I've seen asbestos before, adn this is def. straw.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Nov 13, 2015
    Can you pos a detailed pic? If it is onthe surfacec of the drywll it might com off lik a popcorn texture by lightly wetting it.
  • Great Nan Great Nan on Nov 13, 2015
    After we used the wet method of removing popcorn texture from our bathroom ceiling found a much easier and less messy method. We used a wide metal scraper that's used for dry wall and off it came. Maybe this method would work for the hay.
  • Fab and Pretty Fab and Pretty on Nov 13, 2015
    Oh my....that was more like 35 yrs ago...bad trend. It's embedded in a plaster I wonder if you go to the hardware store equipment rental and talk to them about sanding equipment and what kind of sanding (disques) might work best even if you have a sander they may have good knowledge.
  • Kate Kate on Nov 13, 2015
    Unless you're using a suspended ceiling system, putting up ceiling tiles would still require major effort to even out the hayed-up surface so that the ceiling tiles didn't look like Dr. Suess was your contractor. While a suspended ceiling system could solve your hay problem, it's not the most attractive solution. Plus, it robs you of ceiling height...which, in a basement, is often the last thing you want to do. Armstrong has a system that looks much better, I think. You don't see the suspension grid at all. Plus, it looks pretty easy and only takes up what looks to be about half an inch of ceiling height. Here's a quick video. I haven't used the sytem myself, nor do I know how much it would cost, but wish I'd seen it before we installed a new ceiling in the downstairs bathroom. Good luck!
  • Eunice Aucoin Eunice Aucoin on Nov 13, 2015
    I had the same thing ,we just put 2x2 over up 4"apart and put jeprock over it it dropped the ceiling 2" plus the 3/4 plaster board
  • Liz Straughn Liz Straughn on Nov 14, 2015
    I don't know if you can get it out other than taking out the drywall. I'd cover it with antique-looking metal tiles, or bead board. We put bead board in our bathroom and it looks great!
  • Gerri Gerri on Nov 14, 2015
    Could it be more simple like plastering over it then paint? I would wash it first with TSP or some preparatory wash first then probably rough up the texture alittle more to make sure a good contact with plaster if it was painted with enamel or heavy paint then paint. It is better than a drop ceiling, ceiling tile and the like.
  • Cherie Cherie on Nov 16, 2015
    Was Hildy there from Trading Spaces? She used to do that and I hated it!!!
  • Bridget Gabriel Bridget Gabriel on Nov 16, 2015
    ha! ha! If she was, it was before we bought the house - what a nightmare!!