Asked on Mar 01, 2015

Tinting polycrylic

Lynn Lloyd
by Lynn Lloyd
Does anyone know if it is possible to tint the water based polycrylic?
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  • D & K D & K on Mar 02, 2015
    Yes! I've done this several times while attempting to match a color or wood stain with an area previously stained and finished. The most difficult part is locating a water base or compatible stain to add to the polycrylic but you can also use paint and paint tints. On occasion I've been known to use old fashion water based tempera paint used by school kids everywhere. It only takes a little so it's best to start out with a few drops, test and add or adjust as needed. If it's a wood stain color you're trying to add you can use a combination of deep reds, dark yellows and browns and with a little patience you can duplicate almost any wood tone. Little do most people realize that our modern manufactured future is actually stained very little or not at all. They may add a slight base tone or stain to the wood but the bulk of the color is in the applied tinted finish. This gives manufacturers the ability to use cheaper quality wood and still maintain an even finish color or tone. Hopes this helps.
    • Lynn Lloyd Lynn Lloyd on Mar 02, 2015
      Dennis, Thank you so much! My kitchen cabinets are oak but the color is to yellow for me. I was hoping to do a tone down with maybe a little brown or some other color. Now that I know this will work I am going to experiment a little. Appreciate your response.. Lynn
  • Joyce Landreth Joyce Landreth on Jul 14, 2018

    I am about to finish my son's beadboard porch ceiling that has yellowed some over the months that it has taken me to get to it. He wants it to look natural without paint, so I am hoping to add a small amount of the water based porch paint to lighten the boards back to the original hue. LOL, now all I have to do is convince him that I won't ruin it.