What are food safe paints and sealers for concrete bowls to eat out of

Katie Shea
by Katie Shea
I have been making bowls as well as other household items to eat out of, out of concret. I want to know what food and and heat safe primer,paint and clear gloss sealer spray paint to use. I love the look of paint instead of spray paint but I do still want to be able to continue using a clear gloss sealer spray paint. With that said I definitely need all food safe products! Thank you, Katie

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  • If you type in "food safe paint concrete" in a search engine, there are a few products that come up. Food grade beeswax makes a great sealer for concrete but it's colorless and I'm unsure of its heat safe worthiness when it comes to concrete. Regular spray paints, paints, and sealers from the store are not food safe.

  • William William on Jul 02, 2018

    I seriously doubt that there is any way to make concrete food safe. No paint, sealers are food safe. Even if you were to find something that would work I would hesitate to eat from it.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jul 02, 2018

    I am not aware that there is a concrete that is safe to eat food from....