What color and brand of Gel Stain?

Need help picking a color/brand of gel stain that will darken my cabinets without leaving the existing orange undertone. I'm wanting a dark walnut type color similar to that of Minwax or suggestions on maybe a java????
q what color and brand of gel stain
I would like to stain my cabinets to match my new tile that looks like Barn wood. The tile is about the color of Dark Walnut. I am wondering what color gel stain and the brand would look best. I have not used gel stain before and was also wondering if they will darken the wood without leaving the orange hue the existing stain already has? OR, do I need to sand them to get the wood back to its natural color before staining? The stain has a bit of an orange undertone to it and I don't want it to come through the new stain.
q what color and brand of gel stain
This is the tile. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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